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/oN-/ initial

arrange, form
on , ozh , oz
onabi vai s/he takes a seat, sits down
onada' vta shape or form h/ by pounding with something
onada'an vti shape or form it by pounding with something
onadin vta form, shape, knead, mold h/ (a soft substance) (by hand)
onadinan vti form, shape, knead, mold it (a soft substance) (by hand)
onagim vta decide on h/; appoint h/, swear h/ in; put a price or value on h/
onagindan vti put a price or value on it
onagindaaso vai s/he sets a price
onaginde vii it has a price or value
onaginzo vai s/he has a price or value
onagoode vii it hangs in place
onagoodoon vti2 hang it in place
onagoojin vai s/he hangs in place
onagoozh vta hang h/ in place
onagoozi vai s/he roosts up on something, is perched up on something
onakidoon vti2 set it up
onakizh vta set up h/
onapide vii it is tied in place
onapidoon vti2 tie it in place
onapizh vta tie h/ in place, harnesss h/
onapizo vai s/he is tied in place, is harnessed
onashkinade vii it is loaded
onashkinadoon vti2 [S] pack, load it
onashkina' vta pack, load h/ (e.g., a pipe)
onashkinatoon vti2 [N] pack, load it
onaabam vta choose, select, pick h/ (by sight)
onaabandan vti choose, select, pick it (by sight)
onaabikishim vta set h/ (rock or metal) in place; set h/ (a clock)
onaabikizh vta cut h/ (mineral) to shape, cut h/ out of metal
onaabikizhan vti cut it (mineral) to shape, cut it out of metal
onaagibidoon vti2 bend it to into shape
onaagibizh vta bend h/ into shape
onaagin vta bend h/ into shape
onaaginan vti bend it into shape
onaagonen vta s/he forms or shapes it (animate) as snow
onaakon vta decide on, judge, sentence h/
onaakonan vti decide on, plan, judge it
onaakosidoon vti2 set it up as a frame
onendam vai2 s/he decides what to do, figures something out
onikodan vti cut it to shape
onikozh vta cut h/ to shape
onin vta
  1. form, shape, assemble, order h/
  2. deal h/ (e.g., cards)
oninan vti form, shape, assemble it; put it in order, put it away
onishkaa vai s/he gets up (from a prone position)
onizhan vti cut it out, form it by cutting
ozhibidoon vti2 shape it by pulling or pushing with hands
ozhibizh vta shape h/ by pulling or pushing with hands
ozhibii' vta write h/ down; vote for h/
ozhibii'an vti write it; write it down, jot it down; sign it
ozhiboodoon vti2 saw it to shape
ozhiboozh vta saw h/ to shape
ozhidaabaanike vai s/he gets h/ sled ready, packs h/ sled
ozhiga' vta
  1. hew h/ to shape
  2. tap h/ (a tree, to get sap)
ozhiga'an vti
  1. hew it to shape
  2. tap it
ozhigaabawi vai s/he stands in place, stands ready
ozhige vai s/he builds a dwelling (lodge, house), makes camp
ozhigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows and takes form; s/he comes to life in the womb
ozhigin vii it takes form growing
ozhi' vta make, build, form h/
ozhijiishkiwagin vta form it (animate; something mud-like such as dough or clay) into shape
ozhikodan vti carve it to shape
ozhikozh vta carve h/ to shape
ozhiminagandan vti form it into a ball in the mouth
ozisidoon vti2
  1. put it in place, arrange it
  2. make it (a bed)
  3. set it (a table)
ozhisidoon vti2
  1. put it in place, arrange it
  2. make it (a bed)
  3. set it (a table)
ozisin vii it lies in place, is set in place
ozhisin vii it lies in place, is set in place
ozhishim vta put h/ in place, arrange h/, set h/ up
ozhishin vai s/he lies in place, is set in place; s/he has a place to sleep
ozhitoon vti2 make, build, form it
ozhiigin vta fold, prepare, set h/ (something sheet-like); roll h/ [cigarette]
ozhiiginan vti fold, prepare, set it (something sheet-like)
ozhiigizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) to shape
ozhiigizhan vti cut (something sheet-like) to shape