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onishkaa vai

s/he gets up (from a prone position)

indoonishkaa 1s ind; nindoonishkaa 1s ind; nidoonishkaa 1s ind; onishkaa 3s ind; onishkaad 3s conj; wenishkaad 3s ch-conj; Stem: /onishkaa-/

Gigizheb ningii-onishkaa gii-piindaakoojigeyaan.

I woke up early this morning and put tobacco out.

Indaga onishkaan. Mii iwe wayiiba ji-bi-dagoshing awe wepaazid.

Come on get up. That early riser is going to be here soon.

onishkaa /onishkaa-/: /oN-/
arrange, form
; /-shkaa/
s/he or it (animate) moves, goes, has happen to h/ or it