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onizhan vti

cut it out, form it by cutting

Paired with: onizh vta

nindoonizhaan 1s - 0s ind; odoonizhaan 3s - 0s ind; onizhang 3s - 0 conj; wenizhang 3s - 0 ch-conj; onizhan 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /onizh-/

Akawe ogii-kijigizhaan bagiwaaniigin jibwaa-onizhang ogoodaas ji-wiikwatakisesininig.

She cut the cloth with a zigzag edge before she cut out her dress so it won't unravel.

onizhan /onizh-/: /oN-/
arrange, form
; /-izh/
act on it by blade