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/maad-/ initial

start, move off
maaj , maaz
maadadaawangose vai s/he starts walking on the beach
maadademo vai s/he starts to cry
maadagim vta start counting them (animate)
maadagindan vti start counting, reading it
maadagindaaso vai s/he starts counting, starts reading
maadaginzo vai the month begins, it is the first (of the month)
maada'adoo vai s/he goes off following a trail
maada'adoon vti2 start following it (road or trail)
maada'amaazo vai s/he starts singing
maada'an vti scrape the hair and fat from it (a skin)
maada'azh vta go off following h/ trail
maada'ookii vai + o s/he distributes something, distributes gifts, shares something with others
maada'oozh vta distribute (it) to, share (it) with h/
maadakamigad vii it starts, begins (as an event)
maadakamigizi vai s/he starts, begins (in some event)
maadam vta start eating, start chewing h/
maadamandam vai s/he starts to have pain
maadanaamo vai s/he starts breathing
maadandan vti start eating, start chewing it
maadanokii vai s/he starts working
maadanoozo vai s/he starts smoking (tobacco)
maadashkime vai s/he starts weaving snowshoe webbing
maadawinzo vai s/he starts to pick berries
maadaaboode vii it drifts off on the current
maadaaboono vai s/he drift off on the current
maadaaboozo vai s/he drifts off on the current
maadaadagaako vai s/he starts off on the ice
maadaadagaazii vai s/he starts to wade off
maadaada'e vai s/he starts skating
maadaadizi vai s/he starts a journey
maadaadodan vti start telling about it
maadaa'an vii it drifts off on the waves
maadaa'ogo vai s/he drifts off on the waves
maadaajim vta start telling of h/
maadaajimo vai s/he starts to tell
maadaakide vii it starts burning
maadaakizo vai s/he starts burning
maadaanagidoon vai [S] s/he starts off talking
maadaanagidoone vai [N] s/he starts off talking
maadaandawe vai s/he starts off climbing
maadaanike vai s/he starts digging
maadaanimad vii the wind starts to blow; the wind picks up
maadaapi vai s/he leaves laughing
maadaasin vii it starts being blown away (by the wind); it begins to sail away, begins to soar away
maadaaso vai s/he starts shining
maadaashi vai s/he starts being blown away (by the wind); s/he begins to sail away, soar away
maadaate vii it starts shining
maadaatese the movie or show starts
maadaawadoon vti2 start hauling it
maadaawazh vta start hauling h/ away
maadaazhagaame vai s/he starts off along the shore
maadingwaam vai [S] s/he starts sleeping
maadizh vta start cutting h/; operate on h/; perform sugery on h/
maadizhan vti start cutting it
maadizekwe vai s/he starts cooking
maadizhwi [NI] start cutting h/
maadoode vai s/he crawls off
maadoom vta carry h/ off on h/ back
maadoondan vti carry it off on h/ back
maadwewebizoni' vta start h/ (e.g., a car)
maadwewengwaami vai [RL] s/he starts to snore
maadwewetoo vai s/he begins to make sounds, begins to speak
maajaa vai s/he leaves, goes off, departs
maajibii'an vti start writing it
maajibiisaa vii it starts raining
maajibiisaan vii [BL] it starts raining
maajiboodoon vti2 start sawing, start filing it
maajiboozh vta start sawing, start filing h/
maajidaabii vai s/he starts dragging, pulling a load
maajidaabii'iwe vai s/he starts driving, drives off, drives away
maajiga' vta start chopping it (animate)
maajiga'an vti start chopping it
maajigamide vii it starts to boil
maajigaa vai it (animate) starts to leak, drip; it (animate) starts to run with sap
maajigwaadan vti start sewing it
maajigwaaso vai s/he starts sewing
maajigwaazh vta start sewing h/
maaji' vta start making h/
maajijiwan vii it starts to flow
maajinaazha' vta send h/ off
maajine vai s/he starts to be sick
maajinizha' vta send h/ off; start off in pursuit of h/
maajinizha'an vti send it off
maajinizhikan vti start chasing, chase after it
maajinizhikaw vta chase h/ off
maajinizhimo vai s/he starts off fleeing, starts off running away
maajipon vii it starts to snow
maajise vii it begins, starts, moves off
maajise vai s/he begins, starts, moves off
maajishimo vai s/he starts dancing
maajitaa vai s/he starts doing something, sets to work
maajitoon vti2 start making it