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/-jiwan/ final

it flows
animijiwan vii it flows away
animwewejiwan vii it is heard flowing away
aabijijiwan vii it flows continuously
bagamijiwan vii it arrives flowing, flows in
bakejiwan vii it flows off to the side
bakijijiwan vii it flows over something
baazhijijiwan vii it overflows
bedwewejiwan vii the flow of the water has a low sound
bejijiwan vii it flows slowly
bimijijiwan vii it flows sideways, flows crosswise
bimijiwan vii it flows along
biidwewejiwan vii it is heard flowing this way, here
biijijiwan vii it flows here
biindigejiwan vii it flows inside
biinjijiwan vii it flows in
danwewejiwan vii it is heard flowing in a certain place
gakaamikijiwan vii it is a waterfall
gakijiwan vii it is a waterfall
gizhibaajiwan vii water spins, whirls (as in a whirlpool)
gizhiijiwan vii it flows fast
gizhiiwewejiwan vii the flow of water sounds loud; the loud sound of the rapids can be heard
izhijiwan vii it flows a certain way, flows to a certain place
madaabiijiwan vii it flows down to the shore
madwejiwan vii it is heard flowing
maajijiwan vii it starts to flow
maazhijiwan vii it flows poorly
minwewejiwan vii its flow sounds nice
mookijiwan vii it flows out of the ground; it is a spring
niisijiwan vii it flows downwards
ombweyaagamijiwan vii there is turbulent flow in the rapids, there are ruffles/riffles in the rapids
onjijiwan vii it flows from a certain place
waawiyejiwan vii there is an eddy in the stream
zhaabojiwan vii it flows, drips, leaks through
zaagijiwan vii it flows out
zaasijiwan vii it flows with a ripple
zhiibaajiwan vii it flows through a tunnel or passage
ziigijiwan vii it flows out; it flows off