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/-iig-/ medial

sheet-like (two-dimensional flexible objects of material such as bark, hide/skin, cloth, and paper)
-iig- does not appear after w where -eg- appears with the same meaning
abiigiz vta warm h/ at fire (as something sheet-like)
abiigizan vti warm it (something sheet-like) at a fire
agaasadeyiigad vii it is narrow (as something sheet-like)
agaasadeyiigizi vai s/he is narrow (as something sheet-like)
agaasiigad vii it (sheet-like) is small
agaasiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is small
ashkiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is raw
aabiigin vta unfold h/; unwrap h/
aabiiginan vti unfold it; unwrap it
aaboojiigin vta turn h/ inside out (sheet-like)
aaboojiiginan vti turn it inside out (sheet-like)
aazhideyiiginan vti overlap it (sheet-like), fold it back over to form a seam
babiizigiigad vii it (sheet-like) is curled, is crinkled, is crumpled
babiizigiigizi vai s/he (sheet-like) is curled, is crinkled, is crumpled
baakiiginan vti open it (something sheet-like); unwrap it
bepeshiigad vii it (something sheet-like) has stripes
bepeshiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) has stripes
beshiigad vii it (something sheet-like) has a stripe, a mark
beshiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) has a stripe, has a line
bibagiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is thin
bibagiigizi vai s/he is thin (as something sheet-like)
biskiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is folded
biskiigibidoon vti2 fold it (sheet-like) (with hands)
biskiigibizh vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) (with hands)
biskiigin vta fold h/ (as something sheet-like)
biskiiginan vti fold it (as something sheet-like)
biskiigisin vii it is folded (sheet-like)
biskiigishin vai s/he is folded (as something sheet-like)
biskiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is folded
biiniigad vii it is clean (sheet-like)
biiniigizi vai s/he is clean (sheet-like)
daashkiigibidoon vti2 split, rip it (sheet-like)
daashkiigizh vta split h/ (something sheet-like)
gagwejiigin vta test h/ (something sheet-like) by touch
gagwejiiginan vti test it (something sheet-like) by touch
gakakiigad vii it is square (as something sheet-like)
gakakiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) into a square
gakakiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like) into a square
gakakiigizi vai s/he is square (as something sheet-like)
gakiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) at a right-angle or corner
gakiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like) at a right angle or corner
gashkiigapide vii it is wrapped up and tied
gashkiigapidoon vti2 wrap it up and tie it
gashkiigapizh vta wrap it (animate) up and tie it
gashkiigapizo vai s/he is wrapped up and tied
gashkiigashkwemaginan vti cover it over with bark
gashkiigin vta wrap h/
gashkiigisidoon vti2 wrap it up; cover it with cloth
gashkiigishim vta wrap h/ up; cover h/ with cloth
gaashiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is rough, is prickly
gaashiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is rough, is prickly
gibiiga'an vti shut it (as something sheet-like: a curtain, drapes, cloth partition)
gidagiigad vii it (sheet-like) is spotted, is multi-colored
gidagiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is spotted, is multi-colored
gijigiigad vii it (sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag
gijigiigizi vai s/he (sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag
gijiigibidoon vti2 pull it (sheet-like) off
gijiigibizh vta skin h/ (a rabbit)
gipagiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is thick
gipagiigizi vai s/he is thick (as something sheet-like)
gizhiigide vii it (something sheet-like) heats up, is hot
gizhiigizan vti heat it (sheet-like)
gwekiigin vta turn h/ over (as something sheet-like)
gwekiiginan vti turn it over (as something sheet-like)
inigokwadeyiigad vii it is a certain width, is so wide (as something sheet-like)
inigokwadeyiigizi vai s/he is a certain width, is so wide (as something sheet-like)
izhiigad vii it is a certain way (as something sheet-like)
izhiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) a certain way
izhiiginan vti fold it (something sheet-like) a certain way
izhiigisidoon vti2 spread it a certain way (sheet-like)
izhiigizi vai s/he is a certain way (as something sheet-like)
mamaangadeyiigizide vai s/he has wide and flat or webbed feet
mangadeyiigad vii it (sheet-like) is wide
mangadeyiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is wide
mangadeyiigizide vai s/he has a wide and flat or webbed foot, has wide and flat or webbed feet
michiigad vii it (sheet-like) is big
michiigishkan vti wear it right against the skin
michiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is big
miziweyiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is whole, is in one piece
miziweyiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is whole, is in one piece
miishiigad vii it is fuzzy (as something sheet-like)
miishiigizi vai s/he is fuzzy (as something sheet-like)
nabagiigad vii it (sheet-like) is flat
na'iigisidoon vti fix, adjust it (something sheet-like) on something
nookiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is soft
nookiigizi vai it (animate; something sheet-like) is soft
noosookiigad vii it (sheet-like) is soft and fluffy
noosookiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is soft and fluffy
ojiigaabaawadoon vti2 shrink it (something sheet-like) in water
ojiigaabaawazh vta
ozhaashiigad vii it is slippery (as something sheet-like)
ozhaashiigizi vai s/he is slippery (as something sheet-like)
ozhiigin vta fold, prepare, set h/ (something sheet-like); roll h/ [cigarette]
ozhiiginan vti fold, prepare, set it (something sheet-like)
ozhiigizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) to shape
ozhiigizhan vti cut (something sheet-like) to shape
oziigiigad vii it is wrinkled (sheet-like)
oziigiigizi vai s/he is wrinkled (sheet-like)
waabishkiigad vii it is white (as something sheet-like)
waabishkiigizi vai s/he is white (as something sheet-like)
waabiiganaandam vai2 s/he is pale from being hungry
waaseyiigad vii it is bright, shiny (as something sheet-like)
waaseyiigizi vai s/he is bright, shiny (as something sheet-like)
waawiyeyiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is round
waawiyeyiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is round
wiinibiigadisan vti tie-dye it
wiiniigad vii it is dirty (sheet-like)
wiiniigizi vai s/he is dirty (sheet-like)
zagakiiginan vti fold and put it (something sheet-like) away
zagiigin vta hold on to h/ clothes
zagiiginan vti hold onto it (sheet-like)
zhakiigad vii it is damp (as something sheet-like)
zhakiigizi vai s/he is damp (as something sheet-like)
zaaskiigibatoo vai s/he rustles something (sheet-like) with h/ running or quick motion; h/ clothing is heard rustling as s/he runs
zhiibiiga' vta stretch h/ (using something)
zhiibiiga'an vti stretch it (using something)
zhiibiigibidoon vti2 stretch it (by pulling)
zhiibiigibizh vta stretch h/ (by pulling)
zhiibiigishkaa vii it stretches (as something sheet-like)
zoongiigad vii it (sheet-like) is strong
zoongiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is strong