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/-end/ final

act by thought on it; perceive it by thought; feel in the mind
agadendam vai2 s/he is ashamed, feels shy, is embarrassed
agadendan vti be ashamed of it
agaasendan vti think little of it, think it insignificant
agaawaadendam s/he is disappointed by how much s/he gets
anaamendan vti be suspicious of, suspect it
andawendam vai2 [N] s/he needs, wants something, wishes for something
apiitendan vti be so proud of it; value, regard it so high
aakwendam vai2 s/he has intense feelings, is in intense pain
aanawendan vti find it unsatisfactory, dislike, reject it
aandendam vai2 s/he changes h/ mind about something
aanimendam vai2 s/he suffers (mentally or emotionally)
aawendan vti identify it
babaamendam vai2 s/he pays attention, worries
babaamendan vti pay attention to, be preoccupied with, worry about, bother it
babegikaadendam vai2 s/he thinks slowly, is slow in mental activity
bagakendam vai2 s/he has a clear mind, is aware
bagidendan vti release it from your mind, try to forget about it, let it go (and don't think abut it)
bagosendam vai2 s/he wishes, hopes
bagosendan vti wish for, hope for, want, desire it (something difficult to get)
bamendan vti care for it
banaadendam vai2 s/he is discouraged, is in despair, thinks things hopeless
banaadendan vti be discouraged about it, be in despair about it, think it is hopeless
beshwendan vti think it to be near or soon
biigiskaadendam vai2 s/he is bored, is not interested, is listless, is depressed
biigiskaadendan vti not be interested in it, find it boring
biingeyendam vai2 s/he has something on h/ mind; s/he worries
boonendam vai2 s/he gives up, ignores something, quits thinking about something
boonendan vti forget, ignore it
bwaawendam vai2 s/he is unable to think; h/ mind goes blank
dabasendan vti hold it in low regard
dakendam vai2 s/he feels chilly, feels a chill
danendan vti think, expect it to be in a certain place; have it in your mind
debisewendam vai2 s/he feels satisfied, thinks there is enough
debweyendam vai2 s/he believes, agrees (in mind)
debweyendan vti believe in it
dibendan vti control, own it
gagiibaadendam vai2 s/he thinks foolishly
gagiibaadendan vti think it foolish
gagwaadagendam vai2 s/he despairs, suffers, grieves
gagwaanisagendam vai2 s/he thinks things terrible, horrible, disgusting; s/he is horrified
gagwaanisagendan vti think it terrible, think it disgusting
ganawendan vti take care of, protect, keep it
gashkendam vai2 s/he is lonely, is lonesome, is sad
gawendam vai2 s/he is depressed, is extremely sad, is extremely lonely
gaawendam vai2 s/he is jealous
gezikwendam vai2 s/he barely remembers
gezikwendan vti barely remember it
gikendam vai2 s/he knows
gikendan vti know it, know about it, find it out, realize it
ginagendam vai2 s/he feels ticklish
gizhiiyendam vai2 s/he thinks fast
giiwashkweyendam vai2 s/he is confused, is in shock, is scared witless
giiweyendam vai2 s/he thinks about returning or going home
giizhendam vai2 s/he made a decision, is decided, is ready to act, has h/ mind made up
giizhendan vti decide about, make up your mind about it
goshkwaawaadendam vai2 s/he thinks quietly
goshkwendam vai2 s/he is surprised
goopadendan vti think it worthless
gwayakwendam vai2 s/he thinks correctly; s/he is sure, certain about something
gwayakwendan vti think it right, correct; be sure, certain about it
gwekendam vai s/he changes h/ (own) mind
gwiinawendan vti miss, feel the absence of it
inendam vai2
  1. s/he thinks a certain way
  2. s/he decides, agrees, consents
inendan vti think of it a certain way
inigaayendan vti hate, dislike, despise it
ishkendan vti feel tired of it, find it tiresome
ishpendan vti think highly of, esteem, respect it
jiikendam vai2 s/he feels happy
jiikendan vti be pleased by, like it; be proud of it
mayagendam vai2 s/he feels strange, feels out of place
maamakaadendam vai2 s/he is amazed, is astonished
maamakaadendan vti be amazed at, be astonished at, wonder at it
maaminonendam vai2 s/he thinks about, considers, realizes, notices something
maaminonendan vti think about, consider, realize, notice it; realize that it
maanendam vai2 s/he is in a bad state of mind: feels bad, depressed, sad, or out of sorts
maanendan vti think or consider it bad, poor, or disagreeable
maazhendam vai2 s/he feels poorly
meshkodendam vai2 [BL] s/he changes h/ (own) mind
migoshkaadendam vai2 s/he is annoyed, is bothered, is worried
migoshkaadendan vti be annoyed, bothered, worried by it
minawaanigwendam vai2 s/he feels happy, feels glad
minjimendam vai2 s/he remembers; s/he holds something in h/ memory
minjimendan vti keep it in h/ mind, remember it
minwendam vai2 s/he is happy, is joyous, is glad, has a good time
minwendan vti like it
misawendam vai2 s/he needs, wants, desires something
misawendan vti want, desire it
miigaadendam vai2 s/he feels like fighting
miigwechiwendam vai2 s/he is thankful, is grateful
miigwechiwendan vti be thankful, be grateful for it
miikawaadendan vti think it beautiful
moojigendam vai2 [N] s/he feels happy, feels glad
moonendan vti be suspicious of, suspect it; mistrust it
nagadendam vai2 s/he feels familiar, is getting familiar or friendly
nagadendan vti be used to, be familiar with it
na'endam vai2 s/he feels satisfied (with the outcome of some change or correction), feels content
nanaa'endam vai2 s/he feels satisfied (with the outcome of some change or correction), feels content
nanaa'endan vti feel satisfied with it
nanaapaadendam vai2 s/he is contrary, disagrees with people
nandawendam vai2 [S] s/he needs, wants something, wishes for something
nandawendan vti [S] need, want it
naniinawendam vai2 s/he feels sad, sorry, remorseful
naniizaanendan vti think, consider it dangerous
naagadawendam vai2 s/he thinks
naagadawendan vti think about it
naanaagadawendam vai2 s/he considers, notices, thinks, reflects, realizes
naanaagadawendan vti think about, consider, realize, notice it
naangendan vti think it light (in weight)
nishkaadendam vai2 s/he is an angry person, is always mad
nishkendam vai2 s/he feels angry, feels mad
nishkendan vti feel angry at, feel mad at it
niiskaadendam vai2 s/he doesn't want to do something or go somewhere because of the weather
noodendam vai2 s/he flirts
ojaanimendam vai2 s/he is anxious, is impatient, is in a hurry
ombendam vai2 s/he is excited, is hopeful
ondamendam vai2 s/he is preoccupied, is worried
ondamendan vti be preoccupied with, worry about it
onendam vai2 s/he decides what to do, figures something out
onizhishendan vti think it is nice or looks nice
onzaamendam vai2 s/he gives too much consideration
wanendam vai2 s/he forgets
wanendan vti forget, ignore it
wanishkweyendam vai s/he is distracted
wawiyadendam vai2 s/he is amused, finds something funny
wawiyadendan vti think it funny or cute
wenipanendam vai2 s/he thinks something easy
wenipanendan vti think it easy
wewiibendam vai s/he is in a hurry, is eager
wiinendan vti consider it dirty
wiisagendam vai2 s/he suffers pain, is in pain, hurts
zanagendam vai2 s/he thinks things difficult, thinks things hard
zanagendan vti think it difficult, think it hard
zhawendan vti bless, pity it
zaabendanzii vai2 s/he isn't interested, doesn't like something
zhaagwendan vti think it weak
zegendam vai2 s/he feels scared, feels fearful
zegendan vti think it scary
zhigadendam vai2 s/he is lonesome, is bored
zhigadendan vti be tired of it; be disgusted with it; be bored by it
zhiibendam vai2 s/he is strong-willed, has strength of mind
zhiingendan vti dislike, disapprove of, hate it