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Vennum on rice camp wigwams
Treuer on lodges
Hilger on lodges
Hilger on wigwams
Gilfillan on lodges
Gilfillan on wigwam interior
Gilfillan on staying in wigwams
Gilfillan on the typical Red Lake home
Sister Bernard on lodge decoration
Kohl on wigwam construction
Kohl on apakwas
Carrie A. Lyford explaining the different types of dwellings
Nodinens on winter lodges
Densmore on dwellings
Densmore on wigwam interior
Hilger on wigwam size
Hilger on the bark lodge
Hilger on peaked lodge
Hilger on the tipi
Thumb 7901
woven bulrush and basswood floor mat
Thumb 1834
dyed bulrush mat
Thumb 1956
dyed bulrush mat
Thumb 10185850
Thomas E. Smith family seated in front of wigwam, Cass Lake
Thumb 102611
Drying moose meat, Indian camp near Kenora.
Thumb 64912
Chief Ne-gon-na-geseg and his wife
Thumb pf118438
Ojibwe woman and children in dwelling
Thumb pf005759
Ojibwe woman and children in front of wigwam
Thumb pf025829
Woman seated in front of wigwam
Thumb pf005761
Woman and children sitting in front of wigwam
Thumb pf003767
Ojibwe wigwam on the St. Croix
Thumb pf003769
Ojibwe people standing in front of lodge
Thumb pf023986
Ojibwe lodge
Thumb pf112404
Ojibwe lodge near Lake Bemidji
Thumb pf057348
Birch bark and lake grass wigwam
Thumb pf005514
Ojibwe lodge at Leech Lake
Thumb pf057505
Ojibwe in birch bark canoes
Thumb pf065116
Ojibwe family in front of wigwam
Thumb pf025805
Ojibwe family outside their wigwam
Thumb pf124335
People sitting inside wigwam
Thumb pf020145
Ojibwe dwelling
Thumb pf057424
Chief Wadena's wigwam
Thumb pf129437
Zaagajiw outside dwelling
Thumb pf130291
Ojibwe dwelling
Thumb pf130292
Lodge with pointed top
Thumb pf004319
People sitting in front of a wigwam
Thumb pf129504
Family outside of their dwelling
Thumb pf129506
Mothers and children outside of a dwelling
Thumb pf026350
People standing by bull-rush wigwam
Thumb pf129496
Wigwam at trading post
Thumb pf129436
Naabaw at Zaagajiw's wigwam
Thumb pf129436
Woman in front of dwelling
Thumb pf020153
William Hanks family in front of a wigwam
Thumb pf048072
Frame of a maple sugar lodge
Thumb pf020366
Indians by dwelling
Thumb pf129442
Georgia Sherman and family
Thumb pf129444
Georgia Sherman at sugar camp
Thumb pf005739
Tom Smith in front of a birch bark dwelling
Thumb pf004407
People in front of a wigwam
Thumb pf025790
Ojibwe Indians building a wigwam
Thumb pf005971
Mrs. Tamarack and Mrs. Spruce
Thumb pf005755
Ojibwe family standing in front of wigwam