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gwaashkwe' vta whack, smack h/ (using something)

gwaashkwesidoon vti2 drop it and have it rebound; bounce it

Paired with: gwaashkweshim vta

gwaashkwesin vii it bounces, rebounds

Paired with: gwaashkweshin vai

gwaashkweshim vta drop h/ and have h/ rebound; bounce h/

Paired with: gwaashkwesidoon vti2

gwaashkweshin vai s/he bounces, rebounds

Paired with: gwaashkwesin vii

gwaashkwezi vai s/he is eager, is energetic, is ambitious

gwech adv qnt enough

gwekabi vai s/he turns around while sitting

gwekabiitaw vta turn toward h/ while seated

gwekaabiiginan vti

gwekaadizi vai s/he changes, transforms h/ life

gwekaanimad vii the wind shifts, changes direction

gwekaasin vii it turns, changes direction in the wind

Paired with: gwekaashi vai

gwekaashi vai s/he, it (animate) turns, changes direction in the wind

Paired with: gwekaasin vii

gwekendam vai s/he changes h/ (own) mind

gwekibagizo vai s/he turns suddenly or without warning

gwekibatoo vai s/he turns running

gwekibide vii it turns, changes direction driving

Paired with: gwekibizo vai

gwekibidoon vti2 turn it (with hands)

Paired with: gwekibizh vta

gwekibizh vta turn h/ (with hands)

Paired with: gwekibidoon vti2

gwekibizo vai s/he turns driving

Paired with: gwekibide vii

gwekigaabawi vai s/he turns while standing

gwekikwebagizo vai s/he turns h/ head quickly

gwekikweni vai s/he turns h/ head around

gwekin vta turn h/ (by hand)

Paired with: gwekinan vti