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doodooshaabo ni [BL] milk

See also: doodooshaaboo ni

doodooshaabowan vii [BL] it is milky

doodooshaaboo ni milk

doodooshaaboo-bimide ni butter

doodooshaaboo-bimidewikaan ni margarine

dooka' vta poke, jab, nudge h/ (using something)

Paired with: dooka'an vti

dooka'an vti poke, jab, tap, nudge it (using something)

Paired with: dooka' vta

dookaabiigibidoon vti2 jerk, tug it (string-like) (with hands)

dookaabiigishkan vti jerk, tug it (string-like) (with foot or body)

dookaabiigiwebinan vti tug on it (as or on a line)

dookibidoon vti2 poke, jab it

Paired with: dookibizh vta

dookibizh vta poke, jab h/

Paired with: dookibidoon vti2

dookigwaadan vti poke it (with a stick)

dookin vta poke h/

Paired with: dookinan vti

dookinan vti poke it

Paired with: dookin vta

dookishkan vti poke, nudge, tap it (by foot or body)

Paired with: dookishkaw vta

dookishkaw vta poke, nudge, tap h/ (with foot or body)

Paired with: dookishkan vti

dookiwebin vta poke h/ forcefully

Paired with: dookiwebinan vti

dookiwebinan vti poke it forcefully

Paired with: dookiwebin vta

doonoo na [ML] a bull

dooskaabi vai s/he opens h/ eye, squints

dooskaabishimo vai s/he dances with eyes partly open, peeks while dancing

(derived noun) dooskaabishimowin ni eyes open to peek dance
dooskaabishimowin ni eyes open to peek dance

dootooban vii it is springy ground

dootookaabiigibidoon vti2 jerk, tug it (string-like) repeatedly (with hands)