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doodaazo vai s/he does something to h/ self

doodooshaabo ni [BL] milk

See also: doodooshaaboo ni

doodooshaabowan vii [BL] it is milky

doodooshaaboo ni milk

doodooshaaboo-bimide ni butter

doodooshaaboo-bimidewikaan ni margarine

dooka' vta poke, jab, nudge h/ (using something)

Paired with: dooka'an vti

dooka'an vti poke, jab, tap, nudge it (using something)

Paired with: dooka' vta ; dooka'wi vta [BL]

dooka'wi vta [BL]

dooka' vta

dookaabiigibidoon vti2 jerk, tug it (string-like) (with hands)

dookaabiigishkan vti jerk, tug it (string-like) (with foot or body)

dookaabiigiwebinan vti tug on it (as or on a line)

dookibidoon vti2 poke, jab it

Paired with: dookibizh vta

dookibizh vta poke, jab h/

Paired with: dookibidoon vti2

dookigwaadan vti poke it (with a stick)

dookin vta poke h/

Paired with: dookinan vti

dookinan vti poke it

Paired with: dookin vta

dookishkan vti poke, nudge, tap it (by foot or body)

Paired with: dookishkaw vta

dookishkaw vta poke, nudge, tap h/ (with foot or body)

Paired with: dookishkan vti

dookiwebin vta poke h/ forcefully

Paired with: dookiwebinan vti

dookiwebinan vti poke it forcefully

Paired with: dookiwebin vta

doonoo na [ML] a bull

dooskaabi vai s/he opens h/ eyes, squints

dooskaabishimo vai s/he dances with eyes partly open, peeks while dancing

(derived noun) dooskaabishimowin ni eyes open to peek dance
dooskaabishimowin ni eyes open to peek dance