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dibenjigaazo vai
  1. s/he is controlled, owned, ruled (by someone), "they" control, own, rule h/
  2. s/he is a member

dibenjige vai s/he controls, owns, rules something

dibi adv dub I don't know where, I wonder where

dibi go adv dub anywhere; wherever

See also: dibi adv dub

dibi iidog adv dub I don't know where, I wonder where

See also: dibi adv dub

dibi- pv lex measure

dibi-gwaaba'igewinaaganens ni [BL] a measuring cup

dibi' vta keep up even with h/

dibik adv tmp night

dibikad vii it is night

dibikate vii it is dark inside (a room or house)

See also: gashkii-dibikate vii

dibikaabaminaagwad vii it is twilight

dibiki- pv lex dark, in the dark

dibiki-ayaa vai s/he is dark

dibiki-giizis na moon

dibikidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives at night

dibikong adv tmp last night

dibinawe adv man by h/self; inherently

dibishkam vai2 [N] s/he has a birthday

See also: dibishkaa vai [S]

dibishkaa vai [S] s/he has a birthday

See also: dibishkam vai2 [N]

dibishkoo adv man directly; equal; even; just like, seems like

dibishkoodagaam adv loc directly across the water

dibishkookamig adv loc opposite; right across

dibitwaa vai s/he keeps up, keeps even with someone

didibashkwemaginan vti roll it up as bark