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daashkikwadin vii there is a crack in the ice

daashkisidoon vti2 drop and split it

Paired with: daashkishim vta

daashkisin vii it falls and splits

Paired with: daashkishin vai

daashkishim vta drop and split h/

Paired with: daashkisidoon vti2

daashkishin vai s/he falls and splits

Paired with: daashkisin vii

daashkizh vta cut h/ apart lengthwise

Paired with: daashkizhan vti

daashkizhan vti cut it apart lengthwise

Paired with: daashkizh vta

daashkizhwi vta [NI]

daashkizh vta

daashkiigibidoon vti2 split, rip it (sheet-like)

daashkiigizh vta split h/ (something sheet-like)

daataganaabam vta look up at h/

Paired with: daataganaabandan vti

daataganaabandan vti look up at it

Paired with: daataganaabam vta

daataganaabi vai s/he looks up

daatagaabam vta look up at h/

Paired with: daatagaabandan vti

daatagaabandan vti look up at it

daatagaabi vai s/he looks up

daatagikweni vai s/he leans back and look up

daataagwa'igan ni rolled oats, oatmeal

daataatagikweni vai s/he leans back and looks up repeatedly

daataawani vai s/he keeps opening h/ (own) mouth

daawani vai s/he opens h/ (own) mouth

daawin ni

de- pv lex enough; sufficient; suitable

de-miijin vti3 eat enough of it

de-wiisini vai s/he has enough to eat, eats enough, is full

See also: debisinii vai