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daanginidiwag vai they touch each other

daanginidizo vai s/he touches h/ self

daanginigaade vii it is touched (by someone), "they" touch it

daanginigaazo vai s/he is touched (by someone), "they" touch h/

daanginige vai s/he touches

daangisidoon vti2 put it touching

Paired with: daangishim vta

daangisin vii it lies touching

Paired with: daangishin vai

daangishim vta put h/ touching

Paired with: daangisidoon vti2

daangishin vai s/he lies touching

Paired with: daangisin vii

daashkadabiibizh vta split h/ (tree runner) with hands

daashkaganzhii vai s/he has a split nail or split nails

daashkakamigaa vii it (ground) is split

daashkakamigise vii it (the ground) splits open suddenly

daashkaa vii it is split, is broken apart lengthwise

daashkaabikad vii it is split (i.s.)

Paired with: daashkaabikizi vai

daashkaabikaa vii it (rock) is split

daashkaabikaa vii there is split rock

daashkaabikise vai s/he (rock or metal) splits suddenly

Paired with: daashkaabikise vii

daashkaabikise vii it (rock or metal) splits suddenly

Paired with: daashkaabikise vii

daashkaabikishkaa vai s/he (rock or metal) splits

Paired with: daashkaabikishkaa vii

daashkaabikishkaa vii it (something rock or metal) splits

daashkaabikizi vai s/he is split (i.s.)

Paired with: daashkaabikad vii

daashkaabikizo vai s/he splits in the heat (i.s.)

daashkaabii' vta [RL] part h/ hair, comb a part in h/ hair

daashkaabii'o vai [RL] s/he parts h/ (own) hair, combs a part in h/ (own) hair; s/he has a part in h/ hair