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danwewebizo vai s/he is heard driving, running, operating in a certain place

Paired with: danwewebide vii

danweweboojige vai s/he is heard sawing in a certain place

danwewega'ige vai s/he is heard chopping in a certain place

danwewegamitoo vai she is heard moving in the water

danwewe'o vai he (partridge) drums in a certain place

danwewejiwan vii it is heard flowing in a certain place

danwewengwaamo vai [BL] s/he is heard sleeping in a certain place, snoring in a certain place

danwewenjige vai s/he is heard eating there

danwewesin vii it is heard hitting or falling in a certain place

Paired with: danweweshin vai

danweweshin vai s/he is heard hitting or falling in a certain place

Paired with: danwewesin vii

danwewetoo vai s/he speaks publicly, talks or makes noise in a certain place

danweweyaange vai the sound of h/ wings can be heard in a certain place

danwewezige vai s/he is heard firing in a certain place

danwewidam vai2 s/he is heard calling, sounding in or from a certain place

dapaabam vta look through a window at h/; peek (through an opening) at h/, look through an opening at h/

Paired with: dapaabandan vti

dapaabandan vti peek (through an opening) at it, look through an opening at it

Paired with: dapaabam vta

dapaabi vai s/he peeks (through an opening), looks through an opening

dapidiyeni vai [MN] s/he sticks h/ butt through an opening

See also: bapidiyeni vai [BL]

dapine vai s/he dies in a certain place; s/he suffers in a certain place

dasin vii it is so much, there is so much of it

Paired with: dashi vai See also: dasinoon vii

dasing adv tmp a certain number of times; so many times

dasinoon vii they (inanimate) are so many, there are so many of them; they (inanimate) are a certain number, there are a certain number of them

Paired with: dashiwag vai See also: dasin vii

daso- pv rel every; a certain number; so many

daso-anama'e-giizhik qnt num a certain number of weeks; so many weeks

daso-anama'e-giizhikwagad vii it is a certain number of weeks; it is so many weeks