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/-wi/ final

be, become a certain kind of being or thing
This final is added to a noun stem to form a verb of being.
abinoojiinyiwi vai s/he is a child
adaawewikwewi vai she is a female storekeeper, merchant, store clerk, or trader
adaawewininiikwewi vai she is a female storekeeper, merchant, store clerk, or trader
adaawewininiiwi vai he is a storekeeper, merchant, store clerk, or trader
akiwenziiyiwi vai he is an old man
akiiwi vai s/he or it (animate) is muddy, has earth or moss on h/ or it
animoshiwi vai s/he is a dog
anishinaabekwewi vai s/he is an Indian woman
anishinaabewi vai
  1. s/he is Ojibwe
  2. s/he is Indian
  3. s/he is human
aniibiishaabookewininiiwi vai he is East Asian: Chinese, Japanese
asiniiwi vai
  1. it (animate) is of rock or stone
  2. s/he is rock-hard
azhashkiiwi vai s/he is muddy
azaadiiwi vai it (animate) is a poplar
bimidewan vii it is greasy
bimidewi vai s/he or it (animate) is greasy
bingwiiwi vai s/he has ashes on h/ self
bizhikiiwi vai s/he is a cow, is a bison
biibiiwi vai s/he is a baby
biiwaabikowi vai s/he is metal, of metal
biiwidewi vai s/he is a visitor, is a guest, is a stranger
bwaaniwi vai s/he is a Dakota
enigoonsiwi vai s/he is an ant
gaagowi vai it (animate) is a porcupine
gichi-anishinaabewi vai s/he is a mature person, is an elder
gichi-aya'aawi vai s/he is of a mature age, is an adult, is an elder
gichi-mookomaanikwewi vai s/he is a white woman
gichi-mookomaaniwi vai s/he is a white person,; s/he is a white man
gichi-ogimaakwewi vai she is the the highest leader: a head boss, a president, a queen; she is the wife of the highest leader
gichi-ogimaawi vai s/he is the highest leader: a head boss, a president, a king
gikinoo'amaagewininiiwi vai he is a teacher
ginebigowi vai s/he is a snake
gitigewikwewi vai she is a farmer
gitigewininiiwi vai he is a farmer
gizhe-manidoowi vai s/he is god
giigidoowininiiwi vai s/he is a councillor, a council member, a representative
giizhikiwi vai it (animate) is a cedar
gooniwi vai s/he is snowy, has snow on h/
gwiiwizensiwi vai s/he is a boy
ikwewi vai s/he is a woman
ikwezensiwi vai s/he is a girl
ininiiwi vai he is a man
ma'iinganiwi vai s/he is a wolf
makowi vai
  1. s/he is a bear, becomes a bear
  2. she comes of age, has her first menses
makoonsiwi vai
  1. s/he is a bear cub
  2. she comes of age, has her first menses
manidoonsiwi vai s/he has bugs, is buggy
manidoowi vai s/he is or becomes a manitou, a spirit, god; s/he acquires spirit power
mashkikiiwi vai it (animate) is a medicine, is medicinal; s/he has medicine on h/ self
mashkikiiwikwewi vai she is a nurse
mashkikiiwininiiwi vai he is a doctor, is a physician
mawiinsiwi vai s/he cries a little
mazina'iganiiwininiiwi vai s/he is a postman
midewi vai s/he is a Mide, is a member of the Midewiwin
mikwamiiwi vai s/he is icy
mindimooyenyiwi vai she is an old woman, is an old lady
miniiwi vai s/he or it (animate) has pus, is infected
miskwiiwi vai s/he bleeds, is bloody
mishiiwaatigowi vai s/he (a tree) is dry, has dry wood
mitaawangowi vai s/he or it (animate) is (of) sand, is sandy, has sand on it
mitigowi vai s/he is wood, is wooden
moosewi vai s/he is wormy
moowiwi vai s/he has shit on h/
nanaginiwewininiiwi vai s/he is a referee
nibiiwi vai s/he or it (animate) is wet
ogichidaawi vai s/he is an ogichidaa (ceremonial headman), is a warrior, is a veteran
ogimaakaaniwi vai [BL] s/he is a chief
ogimaakwensiwi vai she is a princess
ogimaakwewi vai she is a leader, boss, chief, queen; she is the wife of a leader, boss, chief
ogimaawi vai s/he is a leader, is a boss, is a chief
ojibwewi vai s/he is Ojibwe
ojiibikaawi vai it (animate) has roots
omashkiigoowi vai s/he is a Cree
oshkaya'aawi vai s/he is young, is an adolescent; it (animate) is new
oshkaabewisiwi vai he is an oshkaabewis
oshki-ininiiwi vai he is a young man, an adolescent boy
oshkinawewi vai he is a young man, an adolescent boy
oshkiniigikwewi vai she is a young woman, an adolescent girl
ookwewi vai s/he or it (animate) is maggoty
wadikwaniwi vai it (animate) has branches
waabanoowi vai s/he participates in the Wabeno dance
wiigwaasiwi vai it (animate) is a birch
wiindigoowi vai s/he is a windigo
zagimewi vai s/he is, becomes a mosquito
zazegaa-ikwewi vai she is a fine woman, is a gentlewoman
zazegaa-ininiiwi vai he is a gentleman
zhaaganaashiiwi vai [BL] s/he is English
zhimaaganishiiwi vai s/he is a soldier
zhiigaawi vai she is a widow, he is a widower
zhooniyaawininiiwi vai he is a banker, is a treasurer