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/-sin/ final

it falls, lies, contacts, hits on something
agawaatebiigisin vii it is reflected in the water
agawaatesin vii it is in shade; it is in shadow
agwaagosin vii it is moldy
agwaagwaabikisin vii it turns rusty
anibesin vii it lies at a slant, is tilted
animikosin vii it lies face down
anishinaabewisin vii it is written in Indian (Ojibwe) (e.g., a book or document)
apisin vii it lies as padding
apiichisin vii it lies so thick, so deep, to such a height; is piled or stacked so thick, so deep, to such a height
ashidaakosin vii it lies against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
aanikoosin vii it lies joining something else
aanjisin vii it lies in new place; its wording is changed
aasamaatesin vii it lies in the sun
aaswaakosin vii it leans against something (as something stick-like)
aataweyaabikisin vii its fire goes out (e.g., a stove)
aatwaakosin vii it leans against (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakosin vii it lies across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawisin vii it lies across
aazhigijisin vii it falls over backwards; it lies face up
badakaakosin vii it sticks in wood
badakisin vii it sticks into something, sticks out of something
bagaskisin vii it makes a splat hitting something or falling
bagosin vii [BG] [BL] it gets a hole in it (on impact)
bagwegisin vii it (sheet-like) gets a hole in it (from hitting something)
bakijisin vii it lies across the top of something
bakwajisin vii it comes off from moving on or against something
bakwesin vii it gets chipped on impact
banaadaagamisin vii it (a liquid) spoils, is spoiled, is ruined
banaajisin vii it spoils
bangisin vii it falls
bashkobiisin vii there is only water and sky on horizon, no sight of land
bazagosin vii it turns sticky
baakaakosin vii it is open (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door)
baakisin vii it is left open, is left uncovered
baasisin vii it cracks, shatters on impact
baashkijiisin vii it falls and bursts, bursts on impact
baashkisin vii it falls and bursts, bursts on impact
baataasin vii it is stuck
bengwashkisin vii it (stalk, plant) dries, dries up, gets dry
bibagisin vii it lies in a thin layer
bigishkisin vii it breaks up against something
bikosin vii it lies like a lump or bump
bikwaakwadosin vii it lies formed into a ball
bimaabiigisin vii it (string-like) lies extended along
bimaakosin vii it lies along (as something stick- or wood-like)
bimidaakosin vii it lies crosswise (as something stick-like)
bimijisin vii it lies crosswise
biskiigisin vii it is folded (sheet-like)
biidwewesin vii it is heard ringing as it comes
biigosin vii it breaks (on impact)
biindaabiigisin vii it (string-like) goes in, lies in (the hole)
biinjisin vii it lies in something
biitoosin vii it lies in a layer
biiwaawangisin vii it (something fine) is scattered, is dispersed
dabasaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies low
dakamisin vii it lies across in front
dakaabikisin vii it (mineral) cools off, is cooled off
dakaagamisin vii it (a liquid) cools off
dakigamisin vii it (a liquid) cools off
dakiminagisin vii it (something small and round, berry, grain) cools
dakisin vii it cools off
dakiiwagisin vii it (meat) cools off
danwewesin vii it is heard hitting or falling in a certain place
dazhisin vii it lies in a certain place
dazhwegisin vii it lies spread out flat
daangisin vii it lies touching
daashkisin vii it falls and splits
debisin vii it fits satisfactorily, has enough space
debwewesin vii it is heard falling, hitting, or ringing at a distance
dwaasin vii it goes through the ice
enaabiisin vii it is cracked, has a crack in it
ezhisin vii it leaves a mark
gakakisin vii it has a square pattern
geshawisin vii it is loose, fit loosely
gibisin vii it lies in the way, blocks the way
gichiwaagonesin vii it is stuck in the snow
gichiwijiishkiwesin vii it is stuck in the mud
gichiwisin vii it is stuck
ginigawisin vii it is mixed
gipagisin vii it lies in a thick layer
gwayakosin vii
  1. it lies straight
  2. it lies correctly
gwayakwaakosin vii it (something stick-like) lies straight
gwaashkwesin vii it bounces, rebounds
gwekisin vii it turns lying in place
ikosin vii it lies out of the way
inaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies oriented a certain way
inaasamisin vii it lies facing a certain way
inwewesin vii it sounds a certain way falling or hitting
ishkwesin vii it lies at the end
ishpaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies piled high
ishpaakoshin vai s/he (stick-like) lies piled high
ishpisin vii it is piled high, lies in a high pile; it is at a high setting
izhisin vii
  1. it lies a certain way
  2. it is put or expressed a certain way (in speech, song, or writing)
  3. it is written, printed a certain way (as in a book)
jekadaawangisin vii it lies partway up on the beach
jekaagonesin vii it is stuck into the snow
jekibiisin vii it lies part way into the water
jekisin vii it lies partway up on or in something
madwegamisin vii it is heard falling in water
madwesin vii it makes noise dropping or hitting something, rings
madweyaabikisin vii it is heard hitting (as or on rock or metal), clangs, rings
mashkawisin vii it is stuck fast; it firms up, sets; it is expressed in a strong or firm way
mazinaagonesin vii it leaves an mark, image, design, or pattern in the snow
mazinaatebiigisin vii it is reflected in the water
mazinaatebiisin vii it is reflected in the water
mazinisin vii it is imprinted, has a pattern or design
maanaagamisin vii it (a liquid) turns bad, sours
maazhisin vii it gets spoiled, turns bad
michisin vii
  1. it lies bare, lies uncovered
  2. it lies right on the floor or the ground
minosin vii it lies in a good position, fits well in place
minwewesin vii it sounds nice ringing
miskwiiwisin vii it is smeared with blood, gets bloody on contact
mitaabiigisin vii it is a bare wire or cable
mizhishawisin vii it lies in the open
namajisin vii it lies upright
namesin vii it leaves signs of its presence, there are signs of its presence
napaajisin vii it lies in the wrong place
neshangisin vii it lies limp, lies slack
nibaadwewesin vii it makes a disturbing sound ringing
ningozigosin vii it is covered with ice
ningwaagonesin vii it is covered by snow, is under the snow
nisawisin vii it lies in the middle
niibaasin vii
niibidesinoon vii they lie side by side in a row, are lined up
niigaanisin vii it lies in front
niigosin vii it breaks (on impact)
niiskisin vii it lies in disorder, is messed up
niiyoosinoon vii four of them lie together
ojibwewisin vii it is written in Ojibwe (e.g., a book)
okosinoon vii they lie in a pile
okwaakosinoon vii they (inanimate; stick-like) are stacked, are piled up, are heaped up
ombiigwewesin vii it makes a racket
ondaabiigisin vii it (something string-like) lies running from a certain place
opimesin vii it lies on its side
ozisin vii it lies in place, is set in place
ozhisin vii it lies in place, is set in place
wanaadakokwesin vii it spoils in the pot or kettle
wanaajisin vii [BL] it spoils
wanisin vii it is lost, gets lost
waawiyesinoon vti they lie in a circle
wiinakamigisin vii it gets dirty lying on ground
wiinisin vii it is dirty (from contact), gets dirty from lying around
zakaabiigisin vii it is plugged in, is connected to power
zaagadaawangisin vii it lies sticking out of the sand or ashes
zaagaabiigisin vii it (string-like) sticks out, protrudes, emerges
zaagaagonesin vii it lies sticking out of snow
zaagaakosin vii it (something stick- or wood-like) sticks out
zaagisin vii it sticks out
zaamisin vii [LLC] it lies touching
zaamishin vai [LLC] s/he or it (animate) lies touching
zaatesin vii it turns rancid
zhegosin vii it lies in a tight place
zhesin vii it is partially open, is ajar
zheyaabowesin vii the lid is open on it (a liquid or something holding a liquid)
zheyaakosin vii it (stick-like, a door) lies partly open
zhinawisin vii it rattles, rings
zhingadesin vii it lies spread out
zhiibaayaabiigisin vii it (string-like) goes through underneath, lies underneath
ziindaakosin vii it is wedged in tightly (as something stick- or wood-like)
zhiiwaagamisin vii it (liquid) turns sour
zhiiwisin vii it turns sour
zoongisin vii it lies firmly fixed in place