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/-izh/ final

cut it; act on it by blade
agaasadezhan vti cut it narrow
agaasizhan vti cut it smaller
agaasiigizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) smaller
akwaabiigizhan vti cut it (string-like) a certain length
akwegizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) a certain length
apizhan vti cut it with something underneath
apiichizhan vti slice it so thick; cut it to such an extent
apiitadezhan vti cut it so thick; slice it so thick
bagonezhan vti cut hole in it
bagozhan vti cut a hole in it
bagwegizhan vti cut a hole in it (sheet-like)
bajiishkizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) pointed
bakizhan vti cut it (string-like) off or through; snip it (string-like) off
bakwadizhan vti cut it off from something
bakwezhan vti cut a piece off it
bapagozhan vti cut holes in it
bashkozhan vti cut it all off; shear, mow it
baakizhan vti cut it open
beshizhan vti make a cut or slit on it
bibagizhan vti cut it thin
bigishkizhan vti cut it to pieces
bitizhan vti cut it accidentally
biigozhan vti cut up it with blade
biisizhan vti cut it into small pieces, dice it
biitoozhan vti slice a piece off it
biiwizhan vti cut it into scraps
bwaawizhan vti be unable to cut it
dakwaabiigizhan vti cut it (string-like) short
dakwegizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) short
dazhwegizhan vti slice, cut it into sheets or filets
daadozhan vti cut it apart and open
daashkizhan vti cut it apart lengthwise
gagiigizhan vti cut out the best part of it
gakakizhan vti cut it square
gakakiigizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) square
ginibizhan vti cut it quickly
ginwaabiigizhan vti cut it (string-like) long
ginwegizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) long
gipagizhan vti cut it thick
gizhibizhan vti cut off a projecting part or limb of it
giishkizhan vti cut it; cut it off or through
gwayakozhan vti cut it straight
inigokwadezhan vti cut it so wide
inigokwegizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) a certain size
inizhan vti cut it a certain way
ishkozhan vti leave it uncut
jiibozhan vti [BL] cut it to a point
jiibwegizhan vti [BL] cut it (sheet-like) pointed
jiigizhan vti trim it (by cutting); cut it close to edge; cut a thin layer or skin off it
mamizhan vti cut it out or off to take
mangadeyiigizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) wide
mangadezhan vti cut it wide
maadizhan vti start cutting it
naabizhan vti cut a pattern of it
naanaanigizhan vti cut it into multiple strips
onaabikizhan vti cut it (mineral) to shape, cut it out of metal
onizhan vti cut it out (to make t), form it by cutting; slice it
onzaamizhan vti cut it too much
ozhiigizhan vti cut (something sheet-like) to shape
wanizhan vti cut it wrong; miscut it; make a mistake cutting it
waawiyezhan vti cut it round into a circle
webizhan vti cut it out or off, trim it (by cutting)
zhaagawizhan vti cut it oblong or oval
zhiigozhan vti cut it up