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/-biN/ final

pull h/, it (animate); use the hands on h/, it (animate)
bin , bizh
agwaabizh vta pull h/ or it (animate) ashore, off the water, off the fire
andobizh vta reach for, feel for h/
ashidaakobizh vta push h/ against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
azhebizh vta pull h/ or it (animate) back
aabibizh vta unravel h/; rip h/ open
aabiskobizh vta untie h/; unravel h/
aaboojibidoon vti2 turn it inside out (with hands)
aatebizh vta put out a fire on h/ with hands
aazhigijibizh vta pull h/ over on h/ back, turn h/ face up
badakibizh vta hook, grab onto h/ (with something sharp)
bagojiibizh vta poke or pull a hole in it (animate; something soft and hollow)
bakibizh vta break or snap it (animate; string-like) (with hands)
bakwadaabidebizh vta pull h/ tooth or teeth out
bakwajibizh vta pull h/ off or out of something; pick, pluck h/
bakwebizh vta tear a piece off of h/
banaajibizh vta spoil, ruin, damage h/ (with hands)
bashkobizh vta clear it (animate) off (with hands); pluck it (animate)
baakibizh vta pull h/ open, uncover h/ (by pulling)
baakidoonebizh vta pull h/ mouth open
baakininjiibizh vta pull h/ hand open
baapaazagobizh vta keep scratching h/
baasibizh vta crack or shatter h/ (with hands)
baashkibizh vta burst h/ with hands
baashkijiibizh vta squash and burst h/ (something bag-like) with hands
baazagobizh vta scratch h/
baazhijibizh vta pull h/ over something
bigishkibizh vta tear it (animate) to pieces, crush it (animate) up (with the hands)
binibizh vta pull or push h down (from h/ position above)
biskibizh vta bend it (animate) over, fold it (animate) (with hands)
biskiigibidoon vti2 fold it (sheet-like) (with hands)
biskiigibizh vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) (with hands)
bishagaakobizh vta peel the bark off it (animate) (by hand)
bishagibizh vta peel h/ (with hands)
bishigobizh vta miss grabbing or catching h/
biigobizh vta rip, tear h/ up
biimaskobizh vta twist it (animate), turn it (animate) around (with the hands)
biindaabikibizh vta shift h/ (a car)
biisibizh vta crumble h/; break h/ into small pieces with hands
biitoobizh vta split h/ into layers with hands
bookobizh vta break h/ in two (with hands)
bookogwebizh vta wring h/ neck
bookojiibizh vta break, tear h/ or it (animate; a body or something soft and bag-like) in two
bookwaanowebizh vta snap off h/ tail
bookwaawiganebizh vta break h/ back (with hands)
boozibizh vta pull h/ aboard
bwaawibizh vta have trouble pulling h/; be unable to pull h/
dawibizh vta pull h/ apart to form a gap
dazhobizh vta spread h/ out flat (with hands)
daadobidoon vti2 split it open (with hands), pull it apart and open
daadobizh vta split it (animate) open (with hands), pull it (animate) apart and open
daashkadabiibizh vta split h/ (tree runner) with hands
daashkibizh vta split h/ lengthwise (with hands), tear h/ apart
daashkigibizh vta split it (animate; wood or bark) with hands
debibizh vta grab, catch, reach and take, get hold of h/
diitibibizh vta knock h/ down off something (with hands)
dookibizh vta poke, jab h/
gagwejibizh vta test it (animate) with the hands, test it (animate) by pulling on it
ganakibizh vta [S] grab some of it (animate), grab a handful of it (animate)
ganikibizh vta [BL] grab some of it (animate), grab a handful of it (animate)
gawibizh vta pull h/ over or down; push h/ over
gaaskibizh vta rustle h/ with hands
gaashkibizh vta scratch h/ with hands
giboobizh vta pull h/ shut
gidiskibizh vta pull h/ free,disconnect h/ (with hands)
gidiskininjiibizh vta release h/ grip on something
gijibizh vta pull h/ off, remove h/ with hands
gijigonewebizh vta pull it (animate) out of the mouth quickly
gijiigibizh vta skin h/ (a rabbit)
ginagijiibizh vta tickle h/ (at the mid-section)
ginagitawagebizh vta tickle h/ on the ears
ginagizidebizh vta tickle h/ on the feet
giichigobizh vta pull h/ off, remove h/ with hands
giishkaanowebizh vta break off h/ tail (with hands)
giishkibizh vta tear it (animate) off
giishkizidebizh vta snap off h/ foot
gojibizh vta try h/ out with hands
gwayakobizh vta pull, tear h/ straight
gwekibizh vta turn h/ or it (animate) (with the hands)
ikobizh vta pull h/ out of the way, pull h/ up
izhiigibizh vta tear it (animate; sheet-like) a certain way
jekibizh vta pull h/ partway up on or into something
jiishaanowebizh vta pull off h/ tail bone
jiishibizh vta strip it (animate) off with the hands
madwebizh vta make noise pulling or ripping it (animate); rustle it (animate) with hands
mamigobizh vta [N] rub h/ (with the hands) to loosen h/, jiggle h/
manibizh vta pick, pluck, snatch it (animate)
mayaawibizh vta pull h/ up straight
mazhiiyaabidebizh vta pull all of h/ teeth out
maagobizh vta press, squeeze, or wring it (animate) to get liquid out
maagojiibizh vta squeeze h/ belly, squeeze h/ (something soft and hollow or belly-like)
maamaagobizh vta keep pressing it (animate) with hand
meshkojibizh vta change, switch it (animate) (with the hands)
mikobizh vta find h/ by feeling with the hand(s)
mikoobiigibizh vta feel for h/ in the water, find h/ in the water (with the hands)
mitaakwazhebizh vta strip h/ naked
miinobizh vta pull and straighten it (animate)
mookaagonebizh vta
mookibizh vta pull h/ or it (animate) out from somewhere, pull h/ or it (animate) to the surface
mookibiibizh vta pull h/ up to the surface of the water
mookobizh vta make h/ cry by grabbing or holding
nagajibizh vta be used to handling h/
nakwebizh vta catch h/ or it (animate)
nawajibizh vta grab, seize h/
naanigibizh vta rip, tear h/ up
naazhibizh vta pull h/ down
niisibizh vta pull h/ down, tear h/ down
noogibizh vta stop h/ or it (animate) (with the hands); flag h/ down
nookaagibizh vta soften it (animate) by bending it (with the hands)
nookibizh vta soften it (animate) by working it (with the hands)
ojibizh vta draw h/ close, pull h/ out or down towards you
ombibizh vta pull h/ upwards
onaagibizh vta bend h/ into shape
onjibizh vta pull h/ from a certain place
ozhaashibizh vta have h/ slip from grasp
ozhibizh vta shape h/ by pulling or pushing with hands
waagibizh vta bend h/ (with hands)
wiikobizh vta pull h/
wiikogaadebizh vta pull h/ by the leg
wiikonikebizh vta pull h/ by the arm
wiikwaabiigibizh vta pull h/ on a line
wiikwaanikwebizh vta pull h/ hair
wiinibizh vta dirty h/ by handling
wiisagibizh vta hurt h/ with the hands (by manipulating, pulling, pinching, etc.)
zagaanikwebizh vta pull h/ hair
zagaanowebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the tail
zagigwebizh vta grab h/ by the neck; snare h/ by the neck
zaginikebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the arm
zagininjiibizh vta grab and hold h/ by the hand
zagitawagebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the ear
zagizidebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the foot
zaswebizh vta scatter h/ (with hands)
zaagijibizh vta pull h/ out
zhaagoojibizh vta defeat, beat h/ (with hands)
zhaagoojinikebizh vta win arm wrestling h/
zinigobizh vta rub, massage h/ with something
zinigojiibizh vta massage h/; rub h/ belly
zinigozidebizh vta massage h/ foot
zipobidoon vti2 close it up by pulling; zip it up
zhishigobizh vta crush h/ (with hands)
zhiibiigibizh vta stretch h/ (by pulling)
ziikoobiigibizh vta strip h/ dry (with hands)
ziinibizh vta press, squeeze, or wring it (animate) to get liquid out