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awasonaago adv tmp day before yesterday

awaswaabang adv tmp day after tomorrow

awashime adv deg much more

awashtoyaa na a blacksmith

awashtoyaawigamig ni a blacksmith shop

awazo vai s/he warms h/ self at the fire

(derived noun) awazowin ni a heater
awazo' vta warm h/ up, get h/ warmed up

awazowin ni a heater

awazoo-gizhaabikizigan ni a heater, a wood stove for heating

awaazisii na a bullhead

Ictalurus spp.

awedi pron dem that over there (animate singular)

See also: a'awedi pron dem

awegodogwen pron dub I don't know what, I wonder what

See also: wegodogwen pron dub

awegonen pron inter what

See also: wegonen pron inter

awegonesh pron inter what

See also: wegonesh pron inter

awegwaagi adv man behold! lo and behold!

See also: wegwaagi adv man

awegwen pron dub I don't know who, I wonder who

awegwen igo pron dub whoever, anyone at all; whoever might it be

awenen pron inter who

awenesh pron inter who; who then

aweniban pron pret s/he's gone!, s/he's missing!

See also: weniban adv man

awesiinh na a (wild) animal

awi- pv dir go somewhere to do something, go over there to...

See also: o- pv dir

awibaa vii it is calm, is windless

awi' vta lend (it) to h/

(detransitive) awi'iwe vai s/he lends, rents (it) to people; s/he lets people borrow (it)
awi'aazom vta ask h/ to lend (it); ask to borrow (it) from h/, borrow (it) from h/