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azhashkiiwaagamin vii [BL] it (a liquid) is muddy

azhashkiiwi vai s/he is muddy

Paired with: azhashkiiwan vii

azhashkiiwininjii vai s/he has muddy hands

azhashkiiwishkige vai s/he leaves muddy foot tracks

azhashkiiwizide vai s/he has muddy feet

azhawaasin vii it gets dull

azaadi na a poplar, an aspen

trembling aspen
Populus tremuloides

(verb of being) azaadiiwi vai it (animate) is a poplar
azaadii-biigijiisag ni punky poplar wood used for smoking hides

See also: azaadiiwi-bigijiisag ni

azaadiibag ni a poplar leaf, an aspen leaf

azaadiinagek na poplar bark, aspen bark

azaadiisag ni poplar wood

azaadiisagokaazo vai s/he pretends to be a poplar

azaadiiwanakoons ni (tip of) poplar twig

azaadiiwi vai it (animate) is a poplar

azaadiiwi-bigijiisag ni punky poplar wood used for smoking hides

See also: azaadii-biigijiisag ni

azhaas vta treat h/ with medicine by tattooing

azhaaso vai s/he applies a medicinal tattoo

azhaasowin ni a medicinal tattoo

azhaaswi vta [NI]

azhaas vta

azhe- pv lex go back

azhe-ashi vta set h/ back, put h/ back; replace h/

Paired with: azhe-atoon vti2

azhe-atoon vti2 set it back, put it back

Paired with: azhe-ashi vta

azhe-dakokii vai s/he steps back

azhebatoo vai s/he runs backwards

azhebi vai s/he moves back sitting