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azhebatoo vai s/he runs backwards

azhebi vai s/he moves back sitting

azhebide vii it slips back; it speeds back, drives back

Paired with: azhebizo vai

azhebidoon vti2 pull it back

Paired with: azhebizh vta

azhebizh vta pull h/ back

Paired with: azhebidoon vti2

azhebizo vai s/he backs up a vehicle

Paired with: azhebide vii

azhebowaanaak ni [N] an oar

See also: azheboyaanaak ni [ML]

azhebowe vai s/he rows (a boat)

See also: azheboye vai [ML]

azhebowe-jiimaan ni [BL] a rowboat

azhebowewi-jiimaan ni [BL] a rowboat

See also: azhebowe-jiimaan ni [BL]

azheboyaanaak ni [ML] an oar

See also: azhebowaanaak ni [N]

azheboye vai [ML] s/he rows (a boat)

See also: azhebowe vai

azheda' vta pound h/ back (using a stick or a stick-like tool)

Paired with: azheda'an vti

azheda'an vti pound it back (using a stick or a stick-like tool)

Paired with: azheda' vta

azhedaabaadan vti drag it back

Paired with: azhedaabaazh vta

azhedaabaazh vta drag h/ back

Paired with: azhedaabaadan vti

azhedaabii vai s/he pulls or drags a load backwards

azhede na [RL] a pelican

American white pelican
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

See also: zhede na

azhegaabawi vai s/he stands back

azhegiiwe vai s/he goes back, returns

azhegiiwebizo vai s/he drives back

azhegwaashkwani vai s/he jumps backwards

azhe'adoo vai s/he walks backwards on a road or trail

azhe'o vai s/he paddles backwards

azhekwazhiwe vai s/he paddles backwards