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amiko-waazh ni underwater trench and tunnel entrance to a beaver lodge

See also: amikwaazh ni

amiko-wiinin na beaver fat

amiko-wiinzhinaa na a beaver castoreum

amiko-wiinzob ni a beaver gall bladder

amiko-wiish ni a beaver house

amiko-wiiyaakwa'igan ni [BL] beaver scent used as a lure in trapping

amiko-wiiyaas ni beaver meat

amiko-zaasiganag na beaver cracklings

amiko-zhiigozhigan ni a beaver carcass scrap

amikob ni a beaver pond

amikobwaam ni a beaver hindquarter

amikode' ni a beaver heart

amikodoodikosiw na a beaver kidney

amikogan ni a beaver bone

amikokana ni a beaver trail

amikokaa vii there are (a lot of) beaver

amikokon ni a beaver liver

amikomin ni a currant

amikoninj ni a beaver forepaw

amikoshkiinzhig ni [N] a beaver eye

amikotawag ni a beaver's ear

amikotigwaan ni [BL] a beaver head

amikozid ni a beaver foot, a beaver hindpaw

amikozow ni a beaver tail

amikoons na a beaver kit