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noozhe-bizhiw na a female lynx

noozhe-makwa na a female bear, a sow (bear)

See also: noozhek na

noozhe-mooz na a female moose, a cow (moose)

noozhe-waagosh na a female fox, a vixen

noozhek na a female bear, a sow (bear)

See also: noozhe-makwa na

noozhemik na a female beaver

noozhesim na
  1. a mare
  2. a female dog, a bitch

noozheshib na a female duck, a (duck) hen

noozheyaakig na a female otter

noozhezhashk na a female muskrat

noozhis nad [BL] my grandchild

noozis nad my grandchild

noozhishenh nad my grandchild

nyaa pc disc indication of disbelief or acknowledgement of an unfortunate or embarrassing truth used by women