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eyiidawi-zaka'o vai s/he uses canes on both sides, uses crutches

eyiidawi-ziibi adv loc on both sides of a river

See also: eyedawi-ziibi adv loc

eyiidawigam adv loc at both sides of the lake

eyiidawigaad adv loc at both legs

See also: eyedawigaad adv loc

eyiidawigidig adv loc at both knees

See also: eyedawigidig adv loc

eyiidawikana adv loc on both sides of the road

eyiidawinik adv loc at or with both arms

See also: eyedawinik adv loc

eyiidawininj adv loc at both hands

See also: eyedawininj adv loc

eyiidawishkiinzhig adv loc at both eyes

See also: eyedawishkiinzhig adv loc

eyiidawishkwaand adv loc

eyiidawitawag adv loc at both ears

See also: eyedawitawag adv loc

eyiidawizid adv loc at both feet

See also: eyedawizid adv loc

eyiidawoonag adv loc on both sides of the canoe or boat

eyiizh adv qnt both

ezhi- pv rel in a certain place; in a certain way; so; there; thus

izhi- pv rel

ezigaa na a wood tick

(verb of possession) odezigaami vai s/he has a woodtick or woodticks
ezhininjiishin vai s/he leaves a handprint

ezhisin vii it leaves a mark

ezhishin vai s/he leaves a mark