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/-zide-/ medial

Contains medial -zid- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
abizidezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) foot or feet
abizidezwi vta warm h/ foot or feet
agozideshkaw vta step on h/ foot or paw
apizideshimo vai s/he puts h/ foot or feet on something, cushions h/ foot or feet
apizideshin vai s/he puts h/ feet on something
badakizideshin vai s/he steps on something sharp which sticks in h/ foot
bakobiizideni vai s/he puts h/ foot in the water
beshizideshin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ foot
biskizideni vai s/he bends, flexes h/ foot
bishagizideshin vai s/he skins h/ foot on something
bitaakozideganaam vta accidentally hit h/ on the foot
bitaakozideshin vai s/he bumps h/ foot on something, stubs h/ toe
bizozideshin vai s/he stubs h/ toe, trips
biinjizidebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ foot in quickly
biinjizideni vai s/he puts h/ foot in
biinjizidese vai h/ foot slips in, slides in
bookozideshin vai s/he falls and breaks h/ foot
dakizidewaji vai s/he gets cold feet
dakizideyaabaawe vai s/he cools h/ foot or feet in water
gaasiizide'o vai s/he wipes h/ feet
ginagizidebizh vta tickle h/ on the feet
giziibiigiziden vta wash h/ feet
giikajizidewaji vai s/he has cold feet
giishkizidebizh vta snap off h/ foot
godigozideshin vai s/he falls and sprains h/ foot
ikozideni vai s/he moves h/ foot or feet out of the way
izhizideni vai s/he moves h/ foot a certain way
izhizidetaw vta reach out your foot to h/
mamaanjigozidepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ feet
mamaanjigozidepizo vai s/he is restrained by h/ feet being tied
michizideshin vai s/he lies with h/ foot or feet uncovered
mookozideshin vai s/he stubs h/ toe and cries
nabozideshkoozo vai s/he is caught with feet or hindpaws doubled up
ombizideni vai s/he lifts h/ foot up
oziigizideyaabaawe vai h/ foot or toe is wrinkled from being in the water
wiisagizideshin vai s/he hurts h/ foot or feet on something or by falling
zagizidebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the foot
zagizidebizo vai s/he snags h/ foot
zagiziden vta hold, grab h/ by the foot
zaagizidegomo vai s/he is in the water with h/ feet sticking out
zaagizideni vai s/he sticks h/ foot out
zaagizideshin vai s/he lies with h/ foot or feet sticking out
zhegosagizideshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ foot
zhegozideni vai s/he sticks h/ toe into a tight place
zhegozidese vai s/he gets h/ toe stuck in a tight place
zhegozideshin vai h/ toe is stuck in a tight place
zinigozidebizh vta massage h/ foot
zhooshkozidebagizo vai s/he does a ballroom dance step (two step, waltz)
zhooshkozideni vai s/he slides h/ foot or feet