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/-wigamigw/ final

built structure, building, lodge
see also: -gamigw
abiiwigamig ni a living room
adaawewigamig ni a store, a shop, a trading post
agindaasoowigamig ni a library
akiiwigamig ni a sod house
akwa'wewigamig ni [ML] a fish house for spearing
anama'ewigamig ni a church
animoshiwigamig ni doghouse, kennel
anokiiwigamig ni a workshop, a factory
asanjigoowigamig ni a structure for storage: a storage lodge, a shed
ashangewigamig ni a welfare office, a commodity store
ataagewigamig ni a casino
ataasoowigamig ni a structure for storage: a storage lodge, a shed
awashtoyaawigamig ni a blacksmith shop
aakoziiwigamig ni a hospital
babiizigaakizigewigamig ni a beauty parlor, a hair dressing salon
bagizoowigamig ni a bathroom (a room for bathing)
bakwezhiganikewigamig ni a bakery
banaskwiiwagitaawigamig ni a fitness center, a gym for working out
baapaagokozhiwewigamig ni a barber shop; a beauty parlor, a hair dressing salon
bebezhigooganzhiiwigamig ni a horse barn
bimiwizhiwewigamig ni a taxi stand
bizhikiiwigamig ni cattle barn
dakoniwewigamig ni a police station
dibaakonigewigamig ni a courthouse, a courtroom
gagwejiiwigamig ni a gym, gymnasium
gikaawigamig ni elders' residence, nursing home
gikinoo'amaadiiwigamig ni a school
giziibiiga'igewigamig ni a laundry room, a laundromat
giziibiigidaabaanewigamig ni a car wash
giziibiigiiwigamig ni a washroom, a shower room
giishka'aakwewigamig ni a lumber camp
giiwanaadiziiwigamig ni a mental hospital
giizizekwewigamig ni a kitchen
gookooshiwigamig ni a hog barn; a pig sty
iskigamizigewigamig ni a sap-boiling lodge
jiibaakwewigamig ni a kitchen; a cook shack
mandaaminashkoowigamig ni a corncrib
mazina'iganiiwigamig ni a post office
mazinaatesewigamig ni a movie theater
mikwamiiwigamig ni an ice house (for storing cut ice)
minikwewigamig ni a tavern, a bar
miiziiwigamig ni a toilet, a bathroom, an outhouse, a privy
nemaabiiwigamig ni a pool hall
nibewigamig ni a bedroom; a hotel
niboowigamig ni a mortuary
niibinishiiwigamig ni a resort, a cottage
niimi'idiiwigamig ni a dance hall
noogishkaawigamig ni a hotel
odaminoowigamig ni a recreation building
odaabaanikewigamig ni a repair garage
opiniiwigamig ni a root cellar
ozhibii'igewigamig ni an office
wiisiniiwigamig ni a restaurant, a cafe; a dining room
zaaga'amoowigamig ni a toilet, a bathroom, an outhouse, a privy
zhimaaganishiiwigamig ni a veteran's home
ziiginigewigamig ni a tavern, a bar
zhooshkwaada'ewigamig ni a rink, a hockey arena