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/-sid/ final

cause it to fall or lie (drop, lay, set, put), impact it (hit, hit against, hit with something)
agwaasidoon vti2 take it off something or unload it off something: take it ashore, take it off the fire, take it off a boat or vehicle
anibesidoon vti2 put it on a slant
animikosidoon vti2 lay it face down
anishinaabewisidoon vti2 express it in Indian (Ojibwe); write it in Indian (Ojibwe) (e.g., a book or document)
apisidoon vti2 pad, cushion it
apiichisidoon vti2 lay, pile, stack it so thick, so deep, to such a height
apiitaawangisidoon vti2 pile it (sand) so high
asigisidoon vti2 assemble it, put it together
ashidaakosidoon vti2 put it against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
azhesidoon vti2 set it back, put it back
aaboojisidoon vti2 put it wrong side out
aanikoosidoon vti2 lay it joining something else
aanjisidoon vti2 put it in another place; change it in writing
aasamaatesidoon vti2 put, lay it in the sun
aasamisidoon vti2 lean or stand it against or facing something
aasosidoon vti2 lean or stand it against or facing something
aaswaakosidoon vti2 lean it against something (as something stick-like)
aatwaakosidoon vti2 lean it against (as something stick- or wood-like
aazhawaakosidoon vti2 lay it across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawewesidoon vti2 record (the sound of) it
aazhawisidoon vti2 lay it across
aazhigijisidoon vti2 lay it over backwards; lay it face up
badakaakosidoon vti2 stick it in wood
badakisidoon vti2 stick, set it in something; plant it in the ground
bagosidoon vti2 make a hole in it (by dropping or hitting)
bakidaabiigisidoon vti2 lay it (string-like) across the top of something
bakijisidoon vti2 put it across the top of something
bakwesidoon vti2 chip it
bangisidoon vti2 drop it
baakaakosidoon vti2 set it (something stick-like, as a door) open ; open it by dropping or hitting against something
baakindesidoon vti2 leave it (a cloth or hide door cover) open
baakisidoon vti2 leave it uncovered
baapasaabiigisidoon vti2 put it (something (string-like) in tight, install it (something string-like) tight
baasisidoon vti2 crack, shatter it (by dropping or hitting against)
baashkijiisidoon vti2 burst it (something bag-like) by dropping it or hitting it against something
baashkisidoon vti2 hit or drop and burst it
bigishkisidoon vti2 break it up against something
bimaakosidoon vti2 put it along (as something stick- or wood-like)
bimidaakosidoon vti2 lay it crosswise (as something stick-like)
biskanesidoon vti2 light it by striking
biskaabiigisidoon vti2 bend it (string-like) back on itself
bishagisidoon vti2 scrape, skin it on something
bishigosidoon vti2 miss putting it in the right place
biidaasamisidoon vti2 lay it facing this way
biigosidoon vti2 break it (by dropping); smash it
biindaabiigisidoon vti2 put it (string-like) going in, lying in (the hole)
biinjisidoon vti2 lay or put it in something
biitoosidoon vti2 put it in between as a layer
biiwisidoon vti2 scatter, disperse it
bookwaabidesidoon vti2 break teeth or blade it by dropping or hitting it against something
dagosidoon vti2 put it with something else
dakaagonesidoon vti2 cool it in the snow or with snow
dakigamisidoon vti2 set it (liquid) to cool
dakisidoon vti2 set it to cool
dawisidoon vti2 put it somewhere to make a space, put it out of the way
dazhwegisidoon vti2 lay it out spread flat
daangisidoon vti2 put it touching
daashkisidoon vti2 drop and split it
gashkiigisidoon vti2 wrap it; cover it with cloth
gaajisidoon vti2 put it somewhere hidden
gaasiisidoon vti2 wipe it off on something
geshawisidoon vti2 put it to so it is loose
gibisidoon vti2 put it in to block the way, to plug something
gipagisidoon vti2 lay it on thick
giziisidoon vti2 wipe it against something
giiwitaasidoon vti2 lay it down around
gwayakosidoon vti2 lay, put it straight; lay, put it in the correct place or order; express it correctly or truthfully (in speech or in writing)
gwayakwaakosidoon vti2 set it (something stick-like) straight
gwekisidoon vti2 put it so it is turned
ikosidoon vti2 put it out of the way, remove it
inaakosidoon vti2 put it (stick-like) a certain way
inaasamisidoon vti2 put it facing a certain way
inwewesidoon vti2 drop and make it sound a certain way
ishkwesidoon vti2 put it at the end, in last place
ishpaakosidoon vti2 pile it (stick-like) up high
ishpisidoon vti2 pile it high
izhisidoon vti2
  1. put, lay, set it a certain way
  2. put or express it a certain way in speech, song, or writing
  3. write, print it a certain way
izhiigisidoon vti2 spread it (sheet-like) a certain way
jekaagonesidoon vti2 stick it into the snow
jekisidoon vti2 put it partway up on or into something
madwesidoon vti2 make it sound by dropping or hitting it, ring it
mamigwaakosidoon vti2 [BL] scrub it on a washboard, rub it against a board
mayaawisidoon vti2 put or set it upright, put or set it straight up
mazinaatesidoon vti2 project an image of, film it
maamawisidoon vti2 put them (inanimate) together, gather and put them (inanimate) together
maawandoosidoon vti2 put them (inanimate) together, gather and put them (inanimate) together
meshkojisidoon vti2 replace it
mimigwaakosidoon vti2 scrub it on a washboard, rub it against a board
minosidoon vti2 put it in the right position; perform, express it well (speaking, singing, or writing)
mizhakiisidoon vti2 drop it to the ground
miinosidoon vti2 set it straight; straighten it
na'aabikisidoon vti2
na'isidoon vti2 put it in order, put it away; adjust it
na'iigisidoon vti fix, adjust it (something sheet-like) on something
namadaakosidoon vti2 set it (stick-like) upright, right side up
namajisidoon vti2 set it upright
napaadaabiigisidoon vti2 put it (string-like) the wrong way
naabaakosidoon vti2 fix it on stick; put a handle on it
naabisidoon vti2 replace it, put it back (in the same place), mount it
naazhisidoon vti2 rub it against something
ningisidoon vti2 let it thaw or melt
nisawisidoon vti2 put it in the middle
niigaanisidoon vti2 set it in front
niigosidoon vti2 break it (by dropping); smash it
ojibwewisidoon vti2 put it into Ojibwe
okosidoon vti2 pile, stack it
okwaakosidoon vti2 stack it (as something stick- or wood-like)
ombiigwewesidoon vti2 make a racket with it
onaakosidoon vti2 set it up as a frame
opimesidoon vti2 lay it on its side
ozisidoon vti2
  1. put it in place, arrange it
  2. make it (a bed)
  3. set it (a table)
ozhisidoon vti2
  1. put it in place, arrange it
  2. make it (a bed)
  3. set it (a table)
wanaakosidoon vti2 set it (something stick-like) wrong
wanisidoon vti2 misplace it
waawiyesidoon vti2 put it in a circle
wiinisidoon vti2 put it in a dirty place
zagakisidoon vti2 put it in order, put it away
zakisidoon vti2 light, ignite it, set it on fire
zhaaganaashiiwisidoon vti2 [BL] express it in English; write it in English
zaagaabiigisidoon vti2 put it (string-like) sticking out, protruding
zaagaakosidoon vti2 put it (something stick- or wood-like) so it sticks out
zaagisidoon vti2 put, set it sticking out
zaamishim vta [LLC] lay h/ touching
zhegosidoon vti2 put it in a tight place
zhegwaakosidoon vti2 stick it in a crack in the wood
zheyaabowesidoon vti2 leave the lid open on it (a liquid or something holding a liquid)
zheyaakosidoon vti2 leave it (door or lid) open a little bit, leave it ajar
zhinawisidoon vti2 rattle, jingle, ring it (by dropping or hitting)
zhingadesidoon vti2 lay it spread out
zhingaatesidoon vti2 spread it out in the sun
zhiibaayaabiigisidoon vti2 put, lay it (string-like) going through underneath
ziinjisidoon vti2 put it in a tight place; wedge it in a tight place