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/-sag-/ medial

useful wood: timber, firewood, cut wood, house wall, flooring, room
Contains medial -s- + post-medial -ag.
agaamisag adv loc across in the other room
agaasadesagaa vii it has a narrow floor area, is a narrow room
akoosagad vii it (useful wood) is a certain length, is so long
akoosagaa vii it (a floor or room) is so long
anaamisag adv loc under the floor, in the basement
ashkibiigisagad vii it is waterlogged wood
aasamisag by, against, or on the wall or boards
babaamwewesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running around on the floor
babaamwewesagidaabii vai s/he, it (animate) is heard dragging something around on the floor
bagosagandan vti chew a hole in it (board)
bimwewesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running by on the floor
biidwewesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running here on the floor
biidwewesagishin vai s/he is heard stepping here on floor
biinisagaa vii it (floor or wall) is clean
dakisagaa vii it is a cool floor
dakoosagad vii it (useful wood) is short
gaashkisaga'an vti scrape it off the floor
gijigisagad vii it (board) is rippled
ginoosagad vii it (useful wood) is long
ginoosagaa vii it has a long floor area, is a long room
giziisaga'an vti mop it (a floor)
giziisaginan vti wipe it (a floor); wash it (a floor)
giizhoosagaa vii it is a warm floor
inigokwadesagaa vii it has a floor area of a certain width, is so wide a room
jiigisag adv loc by, against, or on the wall or boards
madwesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running on the floor
madwesagishimo vai s/he is tap-dancing, is heard dancing on the floor
madwesagishin vai s/he is heard walking or falling on the floor
mangadesagaa vii it has a wide floor area, is a wide room
mangisagaa vii it is a big room or floor space
michisag adv loc on the floor
mimigosaga'an vti scrub it (the floor)
miskosagad vii it (something board-like) is red
miskosagizi vai s/he (something board-like, floor) is red
miskwiiwisagaa vii it is a bloody floor
mishawisag adv loc out on the floor
nibiiwisagad vii it (wood) is wet, water-logged
nibiiwisagaa vii the floor is wet
nibiiwisagizi vai it (animate; board, tree) is wet
niisisag adv loc downstairs, on a lower floor
ozhaashisagaa vii it is a slippery floor
ozhaashisagishin vai s/he slips and falls on the floor
waabishkisagad vii it (something board-like) is white
waabishkisagizi vai it (animate; board-like) is white
waanisagaa vii there is a dip in the floor
waanisagizi vai it (animate; board) has a depression in it
waasikosaga'an vti polish it [a floor or board] [using something]
waawiyesagaa vii it has a round floor area, is a round room
wiinisagaa vii the floor is dirty
wiinisagitoon vti2 make it (floor) dirty
zhegosagidiyeshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ rear
zhegosagigaadeshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ leg
zhegosaginikeshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ arm
zhegosagininjiishin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ hand
zhegosagizideshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ foot
zhingisaga'wi vta [NI] nail it (animate) on a board, on a fur stretcher
zhooshkosaga'an vti smooth it (wood) using something
zhooshkosaga'wi vta smooth it (animate; wood) using something