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/-naagozi/ final

h/ is seen, appears
agaasinaagozi vai s/he, it (animate) looks small, seems small
angonaagozi vai s/he vanishes, fades from view
apiisinaagozi vai s/he is visible at a certain distance
ayekonaagozi vai s/he looks tired, seems tired
ayekoziiwinaagozi vai s/he looks tired
aakoziiwinaagozi vai s/he looks sickly
aanzinaagozi vai s/he looks changed
aatenaagozi vai s/he appears to be extinguished (e.g., the moon or sun in an eclipse)
bagakinaagozi vai
  1. s/he is seen clearly
  2. s/he is bright (in color)
beshonaagozi vai s/he appears to be close
bishkonaagozi vai s/he is lost from sight, dissappears
biigizawinaagozi vai s/he can't be seen well, is blurry
biininaagozi vai s/he looks clean
debaabaminaagozi vai s/he is in sight, is visible at a distance
debinaagozi vai s/he is visible at a distance, comes into view
gagiibaazinaagozi vai s/he looks foolish, appears foolish
gagwaanisaginaagwad vii it looks terrible
getenaagozi vai s/he [an animate thing] looks old, appears old
gichi-aya'aawinaagozi vai s/he looks like an old person
gidimaaginaagozi vai s/he looks poor
giiwashkwebiiwinaagozi vai s/he looks drunk
goshkonaagozi vai h/ appearance is startling
gwekinaagozi vai s/he is changed in appearance, is transformed
inaabaminaagozi vai s/he appears a certain way (especially as in a dream)
izhinaagozi vai s/he has a certain look or appearance
jiikinaagozi vai s/he looks real good
majinaagozi vai s/he looks bad, looks poor, looks inadequate
makadewinaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) looks black, appears black
manginaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) looks big
mayaginaagozi vai s/he looks strange, looks foreign
maanendaminaagozi vai s/he looks distraught, looks sad
minawaanigonaagozi vai s/he looks happy
miskonaagozi vai s/he looks red, appears red
miikawinaagozi vai [BL] s/he is good-looking, is nice-looking
naawinaagozi vai s/he is barely visible, is visible in the distance
nisidawinaagozi vai s/he is known, recognized, identified (by h/ appearance)
nisidawinaagwad vii it is known, recognized, identified (by sight)
nishkaazinaagozi vai s/he looks angry, looks mad
niinaminaagozi vai s/he looks weak
niiskinaagozi vai s/he looks messy
noondeskadewinaagozi vai [BL] s/he looks hungry
ozhaawashkonaagozi vai s/he looks blue, appears blue; s/he looks green, appears green
ozaawinaagozi vai s/he looks yellow, appears yellow; s/he looks brown, appears brown
wasitaawinaagozi vai s/he looks unhappy, sorrowful, uncomfortable
wawiyazhinaagozi vai s/he looks cute, looks funny (comical)
waabishkinaagozi vai s/he looks white, appears white
waabishkinaagwad vii it looks white, appears white
wenipaninaagozi vai s/he looks easy
wiininaagozi vai s/he looks dirty
zanaginaagozi vai s/he looks hard (to make)
zhaabonaagozi vai s/he is transparent, can be seen through
zeginaagozi vai s/he looks scary, looks frightening; s/he looks scared, looks frightened
ziiminaagozi vai s/he looks sickly
zoonginaagozi vai s/he looks strong, appears strong