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/-idi/ final

adaawetamaadiwag vai they buy (it) for each other
agwazhe'idiwag vai they cover each other with blankets
amaji'idiwag vai they wake each other up
anamikodaadiwag vai they greet each other
animaawanidiwag vai they travel away (in the other direction) in a group
anokii'idiwag vai they make each other work, put each other to work
apagidaadiwag vai they throw (it) at each other
ataadiwag vai they gamble, bet, wager with each other; they play cards
aabitoojiinidiwag vai they embrace, hug each other (at the waist)
aabiinji'idiwag vai they beat each other up bad in a fight
aajinike'odiwag vai they link arms with each other
aanikanootaadiwag vai they translate for each other
aazhawinamaadiwag vai they transfer something along, pass something to each other
babaamaawanidiwag vai s/he travels around in a group
badakijii'igewataadiwag vai [BL] they play cribbage
bagakitaadiwag vai they hear, understand each other clearly
bagamaawanidiwag vai they arrive in a group
bakewinidiwag vai [BL]
  1. they separate, part from each other
  2. they divorce
bakite'odiwag vai they hit, strike each other
bakwenamaadiwag vai they share (it) with each other
bazhiba'odiwag vai they stab each other
baapaashkizodiwag vai they keep shooting each other
baapi'idiwag vai they laugh at each other
baashkizodiwag vai they shoot each other
baazagobinidiwag vai they scratch at each other
bimaawanidiwag vai they travel along along in a group
bimiba'idiwag vai they run along together
bita'odiwag vai they accidentally hit each other (using something)
bitaakoshkodaadiwag vai they collide, have a collision
bizindaadiwag vai they listen to each other
biidaawanidiwag vai they travel here in a group
biindigeyaawanidiwag vai they enter, go inside as a group
booni'idiwag vai they leave each other alone
booziba'idiwag vai they scramble to get aboard
bwaanzhii-niimi'idiwag vai they dance a war dance
daanginidiwag vai they touch each other
debinidiwag vai they reach for each other
debwetaadiwag vai they believe each other
diba'amaadiwag vai they pay each other for (it)
doodaadiwag vai they do something to each other
gaganoonidiwag vai they talk to each other, have a conversation
gagwaanisagi'idiwag vai they do something terrible to each other
gagwejikada'odiwag vai they race each other in boats
gagwejikanidiwag vai they race each other
gagwejiiwaanidiwag vai they wrestle each other
ganoonidiwag vai they speak to, address, call each other
gaazootaadiwag vai they hide from each other; they play hide and seek
gikinjigwenidiwag vai they hug, embrace
gikinoo'amaadiwag vai they teach each other
giimitaadiwag vai they eavesdrop on each other
giishkijiinidiwag vai they hug, embrace
giiwanaajimotaadiwag vai they lie to each other; they tell lies to each other
gojibinidiwag vai they wrestle each other
gosidiwag vai they are afraid of each other
idiwag vai they say to each other; they speak to each other in a certain way
inataadiwag vai they play such a game or such games with each other
inaadiwag vai they look like, resemble each other
inaawanidiwag vai they travel in a group to a certain place
inigaa'idiwag vai they make it hard for each other; they are rivals
jiisibinidiwag vai they pinch each other
mamakii'idim vai there is an allotment of land
mamakii'idiwag vai they are allotted land
manaaji'idiwag vai they spare, respect each other
mawadisidiwag vai they visit each other
mawinanidiwag vai they rush at, charge, attack each other; they rush at, charge, attack in a group
mawine'odiwag vai they charge, challenge, attack each other
maada'oonidiwag vai they distribute (something) to each other, share (something) among each other
maadaawanidiwag vai they start off in a group
maajiiba'idiwag vai they start running together, run off together
maamawi'idiwag vai they assemble, meet together
maawanji'idiwag vai they come together, meet with each other, have a meeting
migoshkaaji'idiwag vai they annoy, bother, pester each other
minjiminidiwag vai they hold onto each other
miikinji'idiwag vai they provoke, tease, harass, bully each other
miinidiwag vai they give (something) to each other; they have a give-away
nagaji'idiwag vai they are familiar with, used to each other
nagamotaadiwag vai they sing to each other
nagaawebinidiwag vai they stop each other forcefully by hand, push each other back
nakwebii'amaadiwag vai they write (it) back to each other
nakwetaadiwag vai they answer each other; they converse
nandodamaadiwag vai they ask each other for (it)
nawadinidiwag vai they grab each other
naadamaadiwag vai they go get (it) for each other, help each other
naanaagaji'idiwag vai they pay close attention to each other: guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze each other
nisidawinaadiwag vai they recognize each other (by sight)
nisidiwag vai they kill each other
nisidotaadiwag vai they understand, comprehend each other
nishkaadiziitaadiwag vai they get angry, mad at each other
nishki'idiwag vai they anger each other, make each other angry or mad
niimi'idiwag vai they dance
noondaadiwag vai they hear each other
noopinanidiwag vai they follow each other
odisidiwag vai they meet each other; they come to each other
odita'odiwag vai they paddle up to each other
ojaanimi'idiwag vai they give each other a hard time, get after each other
ojaanimindiwag vai they give each other a hard time, get after each other (by speech)
ojibwemonodaadiwag vai [RL] they speak Ojibwe to each other
onabiitaadiwag vai they take their seats together
ondaawanidiwag vai they travel in a group from a certain place
onji'idiwag vai they tell each other not to do something; they forbid each other
onjinanidiwag vai they injure, kill each other for a certain reason
opaa'idiwag vai they keep each other awake
wani'idiwag vai they lose each other, miss finding each other
wanishkwe'idiwag vai they disturb, distract, interrupt each other
waabanda'idiwag vai they show something to each other, have an exhibition or fair
waawiiji'idiwag vai they keep helping each other
webinidiwag vai they are separated from each other, separate from each other
wiiji'idiwag vai [BL] [BR] [C] they help each other
wiijishimotaadiwag vai they dance (with each other)
wiindamaadiwag vai they tell each other something
wiini'idiwag vai they make each other dirty
zagaswe'idiwag vai they have a council meeting; they have a ceremony
zaginikeba'idiwag vai they run holding each other by the arm
zagininjiinidiwag vai they shake hands with each other
zanagi'idiwag vai they make each other do something difficult; they make things difficult, hard for each other, give each other a hard time
zaagidaawanidiwag vai they go out in a group; they file out
zaagidinidiwag vai they are let out together (as from school or a meeting)
zaagi'idiwag vai they love each other
zaagijiba'idiwag vai they run out together
zhaagoojibinidiwag vai
  1. they defeat, beat each other (by pulling)
  2. they compete in tug-of-war
zaaminidiwag vai [BL] they touch each other
zegi'idiwag vai they scare each other
zinigonidiwag vai they rub each other with something