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/-gam-/ medial

liquid, body of water
agaasadegamaa vii it is a narrow lake
agaasigamaa vii it is a small lake
akogamaa vii it (a lake) is so long
animwewegamakwazhiwe vai s/he is heard paddling away (in the other direction)
aanikegamaa vii it is a chain of lakes
bakegamaa vii lake goes off from another
bakwebiigamin vii the water is turbid, roiled, muddy
bakwebiigamise vii it becomes turbid, roiled, or muddy (water)
bakwebiigamise vii it (water) suddenly becomes dirty, turbid, roiled
bejigamide vii it is slow to boil
bimwewegamakwazhiwe vai s/he is heard paddling along
biskigamaa vii the lake has a sharp bend in it
biidwewegamakwazhiwe vai s/he is heard paddling here
biidwewegamitoo vai s/he is heard coming in the water
biitoogamaa vii it is a lake parallel to or above another
dakigamaabo ni [BL] a cool or cold drink
dakigamisidoon vti2 set it (liquid) to cool
dakigamisin vii it (a liquid) cools off
danwewegamitoo vai she is heard moving in the water
ginoogamaa vii it is a long lake
giizhigamide vii it finishes boiling
giizhigamizan vti finish boiling it
giizhoogamin vii it (liquid) is warm
giizhoogamizan vti warm it (something liquid)
gwayakogamaa vii it is a straight lake
gwaashkwebiigamitoo vai s/he is heard spashing
gwiishkoshwewegamide vii it whistles from boiling
gwiishkoshwewegamizo vai s/he whistles from boiling
iskigamide vii it boils down
iskigamizan vti boil it down
iskigamizo vai s/he boils down
ishkwegamaa vii it is the last lake
izhigamaa vii it is a lake of a certain kind or shape
madwegamide vii it makes noise boiling
madwegamijiizo vai h/ stomach growls
madwegamisin vii it is heard falling in water
madwegamishin vai s/he is heard falling in water
madwegamizan vti cause it to be heard boiling
madwegamizo vai it (animate) makes noise boiling
mamadwebiigamitoo vai s/he makes noise in the water
mangadegamaa vii it is a wide lake
mangigamaa vii it is a big lake
maajigamide vii it starts to boil
niizhoogamaa vii there are twin lakes
obigamaa vii there is a channel between lakes; there is a narrows
ombigamide vii it boils up
ombigamizan vti boil it to sugar
wabigamaa vii there is a channel between lakes; there is a narrows
waawiyegamaa vii it is a round lake
wiikwegamaa vii it is a bay
zhaagawigamaa vii it is an oval lake
ziigigamide vii it boils over
ziigigamizo vai it (animate) boils over (e.g., a ketle)