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/daashk-/ initial

split lengthwise
daashkadabiibizh vta split h/ (tree runner) with hands
daashkaganzhii vai s/he has a split nail or split nails
daashkakamigaa vii it (ground) is split
daashkakamigise vii it (the ground) splits open suddenly
daashkaa vii it is split, is broken apart lengthwise
daashkaabikad vii it is split (i.s.)
daashkaabikaa vii it (rock) is split
daashkaabikaa vii there is split rock
daashkaabikise vai s/he (rock or metal) splits suddenly
daashkaabikise vii it (rock or metal) splits suddenly
daashkaabikishkaa vai s/he (rock or metal) splits
daashkaabikishkaa vii it (something rock or metal) splits
daashkaabikizi vai s/he is split (i.s.)
daashkaabikizo vai s/he splits in the heat (i.s.)
daashkaabii' vta comb a part in h/ hair
daashkaabii' vta comb a part in h/ hair
daashkaabii'o vai s/he combs a part in h/ hair
daashkaakide vii it splits in the fire
daashkaakiz vta split h/ in fire
daashkaakizan vti split it in fire
daashkaakizo vai s/he splits in the fire
daashkaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) splits
daashkibidoon vti2 split it lengthwise (with hands), tear it apart
daashkibizh vta split h/ lengthwise (with hands), tear h/ apart
daashkiboodoon vti2 saw it apart lengthwise
daashkiboozh vta saw h/ apart lengthwise
daashkiga' vta split h/ (by chopping)
daashkiga'an vti split it (by chopping)
daashkiganzhiishin vai s/he splits h/ nails on something
daashkigibidoon vti2 split it (wood) with hands
daashkigibizh vta split h/ (wood or bark) with hands
daashkigishkaa vai s/he (something of wood) splits
daashkigishkaa vii
daashkikaa vii it splits, cracks apart
daashkikwadin vii there is a crack in the ice
daashkisidoon vti2 drop and split it
daashkisin vii it falls and splits
daashkishim vta drop and split h/
daashkishin vai s/he falls and splits
daashkizh vta cut h/ apart lengthwise
daashkizhan vti cut it apart lengthwise
daashkiigibidoon vti2 split, rip it (sheet-like)
daashkiigizh vta split h/ (something sheet-like)