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/-bizo/ final

s/he or it (animate) moves without obstruction, flies, speeds, falls, drives
agwaabizo vai s/he drives, speeds to shore
ajijibizo vai s/he falls head first
akwaandawebizo vai s/he goes up in an elevator
angobizo vai s/he wears out (in operation)
animaazakonenjigebizo vai s/he drives away with a light
animibizo vai s/he speeds away, drives away, flies away
animwewebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies away making noise
apiichibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, runs (as a machine) at a certain speed
awasewebizo vai s/he drives out of view around something
azhebizo vai s/he backs up a vehicle
azhegiiwebizo vai s/he or it (animate) speeds, drives, flies back home
aabidwewebizo vai s/he runs with constant noise; s/he operates with constant noise
aabijibizo vai s/he drives, runs, operates continuously
aazhawagaakobizo vai s/he drives across on the ice
aazhawagaamebizo vai s/he drives across going along the shore or the edge
aazhawibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies across
aazhogebizo vai s/he drives across
babaamaagonebizo vai s/he drives around in the snow
babaamibizo vai s/he speeds about, drives about, flies about
babaamwewebizo vai s/he is heard speeding, driving, flying about
bagamibizo vai s/he arrives speeding, driving, flying
bagamwewebizo vai s/he can be heard driving in, arriving
bakebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, falls off to the side, off the main path
bakobiibizo vai s/he falls, drives, plunges into the water
bejibizo vai s/he runs (as a machine) operates, drives slowly
bichibizo vai s/he is accidentally run over
bidikobizo vai s/he drives making a rumbling sound
bikwaagonebizotoon vti2 drive it making a snow pile
bimaagonebizo vai s/he drives by, along in the snow
bimibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies along
bimijibizo vai s/he slides across the road driving
bimwewebizo vai s/he is heard speeding, driving along
biskaabiibizo vai s/he makes a round trip driving
bishagibizo vai it (animate) peels off in a machine
bishigobizo vai s/he slips, slips off; s/he drives off the road, derails
biidwewebizo vai s/he is heard speeding, driving, flying here
biijibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies here
biindigebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies inside
biinjibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, falls in
bwaawibizo vai s/he is unable to drive, unable to run or operate
dabasibizo vai s/he speeds, flies low
danwewebizo vai s/he is heard driving, running, operating in a certain place
dasoobizowag vai a certain number of them speed, drive, fly together
debwewebizo vai s/he is heard driving, running, operating in the distance
didibibizo vai s/he rolls
ditibibizo vai s/he rolls
diitibibizo vai s/he rolls off
dwaabizo vai s/he drives through the ice
gagwejibizo vai s/he practices driving, takes a driving test, takes a test drive
gakiiwebizo vai s/he drives over a portage
gaanjibizo vai s/he drives, flies, falls faster; s/he puts on speed
gaaskaagonebizo vai s/he drives on crunchy snow
gibichibizo vai s/he stops off operating or running; s/he stops driving
gibitwewebizo vai it (animate) is heard to stop running or operating
gijibizo vai s/he exits fast, falls out
gizhibaabizo vai s/he spins, whirls, revolves
gizhiibizo vai s/he moves, runs, operates, speeds, drives, flies fast
gizhiiyaadagaakobizo vai s/he drives fast on the ice
giimoojibizo vai s/he drives secretly
giiwashkwebizo vai s/he feels dizzy driving or riding, is carsick
giiwebizo vai s/he or it (animate) speeds, drives, flies home
giiwitaabizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies around in circle
gopibizo vai s/he drives inland, into the woods, into the bush
gwanabibizo vai s/he tips over driving
gwayakobizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies straight
gwekibizo vai s/he turns driving
inaadagaakobizo vai s/he drives on the ice to a certain place
inaazhagaamebizo vai s/he drives to a certain place along the shore
inwewebizo vai s/he drives, flies, speeds to a certain place making noise
ipizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies to a certain place
ishpibizo vai s/he speeds, flies higher; ascends in flight
jiigewebizo vai s/he drives, speeds along the shore or edge
madaabiibizo vai s/he drives to shore
madwebizo vai s/he is heard driving, is heard running or operating
mangwewebizo vai s/he drives a loud car
mashkawibizo vai s/he runs, drives, operates powerfully
maajiibizo vai s/he starts running, starts operating; s/he drives off, speeds off
maazhibizo vai s/he runs poorly, operates poorly (as a machine)
meshkojikanebizo vai [BL] s/he changes lanes
minobizo vai s/he runs well (as a machine)
minwewebizo vai it (animate) sounds good running [motor]
mitigwaagimebizo vai [BL] s/he skis
nabobizo vai s/he drives making a return trip
nagajibizo vai s/he misses a ride
naadoobiibizo vai s/he drives to get water or other liquid
naazhibizo vai s/he falls, flies down
naazibiibizo vai [BL] s/he drives down to the water
niminaakobizo vai s/he drives out on the ice
nisoobizowag vai three of them speed, drive, fly together
niibaabizo vai s/he drives at night
niisaakiiwebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisaandawebizo vai s/he goes down (under power, as in an elevator)
niisibizo vai s/he speeds, flies, falls lower
niizhoobizowag vai two of them speed, drive, fly together
noogibizo vai s/he stops driving, stops speeding, parks
ogidaakiiwebizo vai s/he drives uphill
okobizowag vai they fly in a flock
ombibizo vai s/he flies, speeds upwards
ondaagonebizo vai s/he drives through the snow from a certain place
ondaazhagaamebizo vai s/he drives from a certain place along the shore
onjibizo vai s/he drives, speeds, falls from a certain place
onzaamibizo vai s/he drives too fast or too far, overshoots h/ destination
ozhaashibizo vai s/he speeds sliding or slipping, skids
ozhaashizigobizo vai s/he or it (animate) slips speeding on the ice
wanibizo vai s/he gets lost driving
washkibizo vai s/he makes a turn speeding, driving, flying
wiijibizoom vta drive with h/ ; go on a ride with h/
wiimaabizo vai s/he drives around something, takes a detour
zagizidebizo vai s/he snags h/ foot
zanagibizo vai s/he has a difficult ride, runs or operates with difficulty
zhaabobizo vai s/he falls, drives through
zaagewebizo vai s/he drives, speeds suddenly into view
zaagijibizo vai s/he flies, falls, speeds, rushes out
zhiibaabizo vai s/he speeds, drives through a passage
ziigibizo vai s/he pours out quick, spills over
zhooshkobizo vai s/he slides, slips
zhooshkwaagimebizo vai s/he skis