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/azhe-/ initial

back, backwards
azhe- pv lex go back
azhebani'o vai [BL] s/he suddenly moves back, turns back
azhebatoo vai s/he runs backwards
azhebi vai s/he moves back sitting
azhebide vii it slips back; it speeds back, drives back
azhebidoon vti2 pull it back
azhebizh vta pull h/ back
azhebizo vai s/he backs up a vehicle
azhebowe vai s/he rows (a boat)
azheboye vai [ML] s/he rows (a boat)
azheda' vta pound h/ back (using a stick or a stick-like tool)
azheda'an vti pound it back (using a stick or a stick-like tool)
azhedakokii vai s/he steps back
azhedaabaadan vti drag it back
azhedaabaazh vta drag h/ back
azhedaabii vai s/he pulls or drags a load backwards
azhegaabawi vai s/he stands back
azhegwaashkwani vai s/he jumps backwards
azhe'adoo vai s/he walks backwards on a road or trail
azhe'o vai s/he paddles backwards
azhekwazhiwe vai s/he paddles backwards
azhen vta return h/, take h/ back, hand h/ back
azhenan vti return it, take it back, hand it back
azhenaazhikaw vta chase h/ back
azhenizha'an vti send it back
azhenizhikaw vta chase h/ back
azhese vii it slides, slips back, flies backwards
azhese vai s/he slides back, flies backwards
azhesidoon vti2 set it back, put it back
azheshim vta set h/ back, put h/ back
azheshimo vai s/he dances backwards
azheshkan vti push it back (with foot or body)
azheshkaw vta push h/ back (with foot or body)
azheshkaa vai s/he goes back, returns
azheshkaa vii it goes back, returns
azhetaa vai s/he goes back, returns
azheweba' vta fling h/ back (using something)
azheweba'an vti fling it back (using something)
azhewebin vta shove h/ backwards (by hand), throw h/ backwards
azhewebinan vti shove it backwards (by hand), throw it backwards
azhewebishkan vti shove or kick it backwards
azhewebishkaw vta shove or kick h/ backwards
azhewidoon vti2 carry, take it back
azhewizh vta carry, take h/ back
azheyaaboode vii it drifts, slides back on a moving medium (on the current, on snow)
azheyaaboozo vai s/he drifts, slides back on a moving medium (on the current, on snow)
azheyaadagaa vai [MN] s/he swims backward
azheyaada'e vai s/he skates backwards
azheyaandawe vai s/he climbs backwards
azheyaanimizi vai s/he backs up in fear
azheyaasin vii it is blown back (by the wind)
azheyaashi vai s/he is blown back (by the wind)
azheyoode vai s/he crawls backwards