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/-aate-/ medial

it shines, the light (of it) is seen; lightning
agawaatese vai s/he casts a shadow flying
agawaatese vii it casts a shadow flying
agawaatesin vii it is in shade; it is in shadow
agawaateshin vai s/he is in shade; s/he is in shadow
agawaateshkan vti shade it; cast a shadow on it
agawaateshkaw vta shade h/; cast a shadow on h/
agawaateyaa vii there is shadow; there is shade
ishpaatenan vti shine it higher
mazinaatebiigisin vii it is reflected in the water
mazinaatebiigishin vai s/he is reflected in the water
mazinaatebiisin vii it is reflected in the water
mazinaateshin vai s/he casts a shadow; s/he is on television; s/he is in a movie
naazhaatenan vti shine it lower
ozaawaatese vii it flashes yellow
zhingaatesidoon vti2 spread it out in the sun
zhingaateshim vta spread it (animate) out in the sun