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anishinaabe-ziinzibaakwad ni maple sugar

atoobaan ni a large container for liquid: a trough, a tank, a vat, a sink, a radiator

See also: atoobaan na

bigiwizigan ni maple taffy

bigiwizige vai s/he makes taffy

biskitenaagan ni a sap bucket of folded birch bark; [BL] a birch bark basket

(verb of making) biskitenaaganike vai s/he makes a biskitenaagan (a birch bark sap bucket); [BL] s/he makes a birch bark basket
gaashkakokwe'igan ni a paddle for stirring boiling maple sap

iskigamizigan ni a sugar bush, a sugar camp

iskigamiziganaak ni a frame for holding sap-boiling kettles

iskigamiziganaatig ni a sap-boiling pole

iskigamizige vai s/he boils things down (e.g., maple sap), is sugaring

iskigamizige-giizis na April

ishkwaagamizige vai s/he finishes boiling sap

ishkwaagaa vii it is the last run of sap

makak ni a semi-rigid or rigid container: a basket (especially one of birch bark), a box

(verb of making) makakoke vai s/he makes a basket (especially one of brich bark), makes a box (verb of possession) omakakomi vai s/he has a basket or baskets, has a box or boxes
nase'an vti stir it to form sugar

(detransitive) nase'ige vai s/he stirs to form sugar (derived noun) nase'igan ni granulated maple sugar
nase'ige vai s/he stirs to form sugar

naseyaawangwaan ni a sugaring trough

naseyaawangwe vai s/he granulates sugar

(derived noun) naseyaawangwaan ni a sugaring trough
naadoobii vai s/he gathers sap; s/he goes to get water or other liquid

negwaakwaan ni a tap, a spile, a spigot (for getting sap from a tree)

See also: mitigo-negwaakwaan ni

(verb of making) negwaakwaanike vai s/he makes taps for sugaring
okaadakik na a large kettle or cauldon with small legs: a treaty kettle

ombigamide vii it boils up

onjigaa vii it leaks, drips, runs with sap

Paired with: onjigaa vai

ozhiga'an vti
  1. hew it to shape
  2. tap it

Paired with: ozhiga' vta

(detransitive) ozhiga'ige vai s/he taps trees (derived noun) ozhiga'igan ni a faucet; a tap, a spile, a spigot (for getting sap from a tree) (derived noun) ozhiga'igan na a tapped tree (verb of undergoing) ozhiga'igaazo vai it (animate; a tree) is tapped, can be tapped (by someone)
ziiga'an vti pour or scoop it out (using something)

(detransitive) ziiga'ige vai s/he pours things out (using something), scoops or ladles it out; s/he casts sugar cones (verb of undergoing) ziiga'igaade vii it is poured out (by somone) (using something), "they" pour it out (using something) (derived noun) ziiga'igan ni a sugar cake, a sugar cone,
(verb of making) ziiga'iganike vai s/he makes a sugar cone
(benefactive) ziiga'amaw vta pour (it) for h/