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anishinaabe-ziinzibaakwad ni maple sugar

atoobaan ni a large container for liquid: a trough, a tank, a vat, a sink, a radiator

See also: atoobaan na

bigiwizigan ni maple taffy

bigiwizige vai s/he makes taffy

biskitenaagan ni a sap bucket of folded birch bark; [BL] a birch bark basket

(verb of making) biskitenaaganike vai s/he makes a biskitenaagan (a birch bark sap bucket); [BL] s/he makes a birch bark basket
gaashkakokwe'igan ni a paddle for stirring boiling maple sap

iskigamizigan ni a sugar bush, a sugar camp

iskigamiziganaak ni a frame for holding sap-boiling kettles

iskigamiziganaatig ni a sap-boiling pole

iskigamizige vai s/he boils things down (e.g., maple sap), is sugaring