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/zaagid-/ initial

zaagij , zaagiz
zaagidademo vai s/he goes out crying
zaagida'amaazo vai s/he goes out singing
zaagidakone vii it has flames shooting out
zaagidaabaso vai s/he is driven out by smoke, is smoked out
zaagidaabaswi vta drive h/ out with smoke, smoke h/ out
zaagidaapi vai s/he goes out laughing
zaagidaasin vii it is blown outside
zaagidaashi vai s/he is blown outside
zaagidaawadoon vti2 haul it out
zaagidaawazh vta haul h/ out
zaagidin vta put h/ out; let h/ out; evict h/
zaagidinan vti put it out
zaagidoode vai s/he or it (animate) crawls out
zaagidoom vta carry h/ out on the back
zaagidoondan vti carry it out on the back
zaagidwewidam vai2 s/he goes out calling or vocalizing in some way
zaagijiba' vta run out with h/
zaagijiba'iwe vai s/he runs out in flight from someone
zaagijibatoo vai s/he runs out
zaagijibide vii it flies, falls, speeds out
zaagijibidoon vti2 pull it out
zaagijibizh vta pull h/ out
zaagijibizo vai s/he or it (animate) drives, flies, falls, speeds, rushes out
zaagijidaabaadan vti drag it out
zaagijidaabaazh vta drag h/ out
zaagijidaabii vai s/he drags a load out
zaagijigidaazo vai s/he goes out angry, goes out mad
zaagijigozi vai s/he moves (h/ residence) out from a place
zaagijigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps out
zaagijise vai s/he or it (animate) drives, flies, falls, speeds, rushes out
zaagijise vii it flies, falls, rushes out
zaagijishimo vai s/he dances out (of an enclosed space)
zaagijiwane vai s/he carries a pack out
zaagijiweba' vta shove or throw h/ out using something
zaagijiweba'an vti shove or throw it outside using something
zaagijiwebin vta throw h/ outside
zaagijiwebinan vti throw it outside
zaagijiwebishkan vti kick it out
zaagijiwebishkaw vta kick h/ out; shove h/ out (with foot or body)
zaaginizhikaw vta chase h/ out
zaagiziba' vta run out with h/
zaagiziba'idiwag vai they run out together
zaagiziba'iwe vai s/he runs out in flight from someone
zaagizibatoo vai s/he runs out
zaagizi' vta take h/ out; make h/ go out
zaagizikaa vii it comes out slowly, oozes out
zaagizitoon vti2 take it out