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/waabishk-/ initial

waabishkadaawangad vii it (sand-like, powder) is white
waabishkadaawangaa vii there is white sand
waabishkadaawangizi vai s/he (sand-like, powder) is white
waabishkadisan vti dye, color it white or a light colour
waabishkadite vii it is dyed, is colored white or a light color
waabishkadowe vai s/he has white fur
waabishkanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has white bark
waabishkawedoon vai [ML] s/he has white whiskers
waabishkawedoone vai [N] s/he has white whiskers
waabishkaa vii it is white
waabishkaabide vai s/he has white teeth
waabishkaabikad vii it is white (as something mineral)
waabishkaabikizi vai s/he is white (as something mineral)
waabishkaabiigad vii it is white (as something string-like)
waabishkaabiigizi vai s/he is white (as something string-like)
waabishkaakigane vai s/he has a white chest, is white-breasted
waabishkaakozi vai s/he is white (as something stick- or wood-like)
waabishkaakwad vii it is white (as something stick- or wood-like)
waabishkaanakwad vii there are white clouds
waabishkaande vii it is colored white
waabishkaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a white tail (at the tip)
waabishkaanzo vai s/he is colored white
waabishki- pv lex White; white
waabishkibii'an vti paint it white
waabishkigwan na a white feather
waabishkigwane vai s/he (a bird) has white feathers
waabishki'o vai s/he wears white
waabishkikonaye vai s/he dresses in white
waabishkinaagozi vai s/he looks white, appears white
waabishkinaagwad vii it looks white, appears white
waabishkindibe vai s/he has white hair
waabishkisagad vii it (something board-like) is white
waabishkisagizi vai s/he (something board-like) is white
waabishkitigwaane vai [BL]
  1. s/he (animal, bird) has a white head
  2. s/he has white hair
waabishkitoon vti2 make it white
waabishkizi vai s/he is white
waabishkizigozi vai s/he (ice) is white
waabishkizigwaa vii it (cake-like, ice) is white, there is white ice
waabishkiigad vii it is white (as something sheet-like)
waabishkiigin ni a sheet; white cloth
waabishkiigizi vai s/he is white (as something sheet-like)
waabishkiingwe vai s/he is white-faced
waabishkiiwe vai s/he is pale-complexioned; s/he is a white person
waaboshkaakodan vti peel the bark off it exposing the light wood