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/omb-/ initial

ombagoode vii it hangs up in the air, is suspended
ombagoodoon vti2 hang it up; suspend it off the ground
ombagoojin vai s/he or it (animate) hangs up in the air; s/he or it (animate) is suspended up in the air
ombagoozh vta hang h/ up; suspend h/ off the ground
omba'an vti raise it using something
ombakamigaa vii there is a rise in the ground
ombaabate vii it goes upwards as smoke
ombaabiigin vta hoist h/; lift, raise h/ with a rope
ombaabiiginan vti hoist it; lift, raise it with a rope
ombaabiigiweba'wi vta [NI] lift it (animate; thread) with a seam-ripper
ombaagamide vii it (liquid) rises, bubbles up as it cooks
ombaagamishkan vti get in and make the water in it rise
ombaagamizo vai it (animate; liquid) rises, bubbles up as it cooks
ombaajiwande vii it boils up, foams up
ombaajiwanzo vai it (animate) boils up, foams up
ombaakon vta lift h/ (stick-like) (by hand)
ombaakonan vti lift it (stick-like) (by hand)
ombaakwa' vta raise h/ (as or as with something stick- or wood-like), pry h/ up, jack h/ up
ombaakwa'an vti raise it (as or as with something stick- or wood-like), pry it up, jack it up
ombaangeni vai s/he lifts h/ wings
ombaasin vii it is lifted by the wind; is blown, sails, soars upwards
ombaasindoon vti2 [BL] make it fly up in the wind
ombaashi vai s/he or it (animate) is blown up in the air, is lifted by the wind; flies, sails, or soars upwards
ombaashim vta make h/ or it (animate) fly up in the air
ombendam vai2 s/he is excited, is hopeful
ombibagizo vai s/he leaps up
ombibide vii it flies, speeds upwards
ombibidoon vti2 pull it upwards
ombibizh vta pull h/ upwards
ombibizo vai s/he or it (animate) flies, speeds upwards
ombide vii it rises, puffs up as it cooks
ombidiyeni vai s/he raises h/ butt
ombigamide vii it boils up
ombigamizan vti boil it to sugar
ombigaaden vta lift h/ leg
ombigaadeni vai s/he raises, lifts h/ (own) leg
ombigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows up
ombigi' vta raise h/ (a child)
ombigitoon vti2 raise it (a crop, a plant)
ombigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps upwards
ombi' vta excite h/; stir h/ up; interest h/
ombijiishkaa vai s/he is bloated
ombijiizan vti pop it (wild rice); make it rise with heat
ombijiizo vai it (animate) rises, swells up from heat; it (animate) is cooked until it pops
ombikweni vai s/he raises his/her head
ombim vta get h/ interested or excited by speech
ombin vta lift, raise h/
ombinan vti lift, raise it
ombinigaadan vti lift it on h/ shoulder
ombinikeni vai s/he lifts, raises h/ arm
ombishkaa vai s/he or it (animate) rises, ascends, goes upwards
ombishkaa vii it rises, ascends, goes upwards
ombiwane vai s/he lifts a pack to h/ (own) back
ombiwanen vai lift it (a pack) to h/ back
ombiweba' vta lift h/, it (animate) (using something forcefully)
ombiweba'an vti lift it (using something forcefully), hoist it
ombiwebin vta throw, toss h/ upwards
ombiwebinan vti throw, toss it upwards
ombiwidoon vti2 lift and carry it
ombiwizh vta lift and carry h/
ombizideni vai s/he lifts h/ foot up
omboom vta lift h/, it (animate) on h/ back
omboomigo vai s/he mounts a horse, gets on horseback
omboondan vti lift it on h/ back