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/nook-/ initial

nookabi vai s/he sits on a soft seat
nookada' vta pound it (animate) soft; soften it (animate) (by hitting with something)
nookada'an vti pound it soft; soften it (by hitting with something)
nookadin vii it is frozen soft (as dangerous ice)
nookagwinde vii it is softened by soaking
nookagwinjidoon vti soften it in water
nooka'an vti soften it (using something)
nookakamigaa vii it is soft ground
nookam vta soften h/ in the mouth
nookandan vti soften it in the mouth
nookaa vii it is soft, is tender
nookaabaawe vai s/he softens in water
nookaabaawe vii it softens in water
nookaabikad vii it (mineral) is soft
nookaabikiz vta soften h/ (mineral) with heat
nookaabikizan vti soften it (mineral) with heat
nookaabikizi vai s/he (mineral) is soft
nookaabiigad vii it is soft (string-like)
nookaabiigizi vai s/he is soft (string-like)
nookaadad vii it is mild
nookaadizi vai s/he has a good, easy life
nookaagamin vii it is a mild or weak liquid
nookaagin vta soften it (animate) by bending or flexing it
nookaaginan vta soften it by bending or flexing it
nookaagonagaa vii there is soft snow
nookaakide vii it softens by heat or flame
nookaakiz vta soften h/ by heat or flame
nookaakizan vti soften it by heat or flame
nookaakizo vai s/he softens by heat or flame
nookibidoon vti2 soften it by working it with the hands
nookibizh vta soften h/ by working h/ with the hands
nookide vii it is cooked tender
nookijiishkiwagaa vii it is soft mud
nookijiiyaa vii it (something bag-like, belly-like) is soft
nookijiizi vai s/he is soft-bellied; it (animate; something bag-like, belly-like) is soft
nookiminagad vii it (something small and round) is soft
nookiskawe vai s/he (fish) has soft meat
nookishkan vti soften it with body weight or feet
nookishkaw vta soften h/ with body weight or feet
nookiz vta cook h/ tender
nookizan vti cook it tender
nookizi vai s/he is soft, is tender
nookizigwaa vii there is soft ice
nookizo vai s/he is cooked tender
nookiigad vii it is soft (as something sheet-like)
nookiigizi vai s/he is soft (as something sheet-like)
nookiiwagad vii it is tender meat, has tender meat
nookiiwagizi vai s/he has tender meat