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/ning-/ initial

melt, thaw, dissolve
ningagwinde vii it thaws in the water
ningagwinjidoon vti2 [BL] thaw it in the water
ningagwinjim vta [BL] thaw h/ in the water
ningagwinjin vai h/ thaws in the water
ningakamigaa vii it (the ground) is thawed
ningakamigide vii the ground thaws
ninganem vta melt h/ in the mouth
ninganendan vti melt it in the mouth
ningashkiigide vii the muskeg thaws
ningaabaawadoon vti2 dissolve it, melt it in a liquid
ningaabaawazh vta dissolve h/, melt h/ in a liquid
ningaabaawe vai s/he dissolves
ningaabaawe vii it dissolves
ningaabikide vii it (mineral) melts
ningaabikiz vta melt h/ (mineral)
ningaabikizan vti melt it (mineral)
ningaabikizo vai s/he (mineral) melts
ningaagonaso vai the snow is melting; the snow is melting off h/
ningaagonate vii the snow is melting off it
ningaagonaaso vai the snow melts off it (animate)
ningide vii it melts, thaws
ningijiishkiwate vii it (something mud-like) is melting, is thawing
ningisidoon vti2 let it thaw or melt
ningishim vta let h/ thaw or melt
ningiz vta melt, thaw h/
ningizan vti melt, thaw it
ningizo vai s/he melts, thaws
ningwaagoneshin vai s/he is covered by snow, is under the snow