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/maaN-/ initial

bad, malformed, poor(ly)
maan , maazh
maanabi vai
  1. s/he sits uncomfortably
  2. s/he is an uncomfortable or unmanageable position, isn't managing well
maanadamon vii [S] it (road or trail) is bad, is poor
maanadaawe vai s/he makes a bad purchase, gets a bad deal
maanagoode vii it hangs awkwardly
maanagoodoon vti2 hang it poorly
maanagoojin vai s/he hangs awkwardky
maanagoozh vta hang h/ poorly
maana'amii vai s/he has trouble walking
maana'e vai s/he takes a bad shot
maanakamigad vii it is an unfortunate or tragic event
maanakamigaa vii it is poor ground, is rough ground
maanamaniso vai s/he has a bad premonition or sign
maanamanji'o vai s/he is in a bad state of mind: feels bad, depressed, sad, or out of sorts; s/he is in poor health, is ill
maanameg na a catfish
maanamon vii it (road or trail) is bad, is poor
maanapide vii it is poorly tied
maanapidoon vti2 tie it poorly
maanapizh vta tie h/ poorly
maanapizo vai s/he is poorly tied
maanashigan na a sheepshead (fish)
maanashkime vai s/he weaves snowhoe webbing poorly
maanashkinatoon vti2 fill it poorly, fit it in poorly
maanashkine vii it doesn't fit right (in a container), is badly filled
maanazaadi na a balsam poplar; a Balm of Gilead tree
maanaabadad vii it is misused
maanaabadizi vai it (animate) is misused
maanaabaji' vta misuse h/
maanaabajitoon vti2 misuse it
maanaabam vta have a bad dream about h/; don't like how it looks
maanaabandam vai2 s/he has a bad dream, had a nightmare
maanaabide vai s/he has crooked teeth
maanaadad vii it is bad, is no good, is ugly
maanaadizi vai s/he is ugly, is homely
maanaagamide vii it is poorly brewed
maanaagamin vii it (a liquid) tastes bad
maanaagamipidan vti find that it (liquid) tastes bad
maanaagamisin vii it (a liquid) turns bad, sours
maanaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) poorly
maanaajimo vai s/he tells a bad story, tells bad news
maanaakiz vta take a poor picture of h/
maanaakizan vti take a poor picture of it
maanaate vii it has a poor light
maanaatese vii it is a bad movie, is a poor movie
maanendam vai2 s/he is in a bad state of mind: feels bad, depressed, sad, or out of sorts
maanendan vti think or consider it bad, poor, or disagreeable
maanenim vta think or consider h/ bad, poor, or disagreeable
maanikamii vai s/he has uneven footing
maanikozh vta give h/ a bad haircut
maanikozo vai s/he has a bad haircut
maanin vta hold, handle h/ wrong
maaninan vti hold, handle it wrong
maaninaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) looks bad, looks iugly
maaninaagwad vii it looks bad, looks ugly
maanitam vai2 s/he doesn't hear right, mishears, misunderstands
maanitan vti it sounds bad to h/, doesn't sound right to h/
maanitaw vta find what h/ says or sounds like disagreeable; dislike what h/ says or sounds like
maanitaagozi vai s/he sounds bad, doesn't sound right
maanitaagwad vii it sounds bad, doesn't sound right
maanose vai s/he walks with discomfort
maanowe vai s/he is hoarse, has a bad voice
maanwewebide vii it sounds bad running [motor]
maazhendaagwad vii it is a sad situation, is a bad situation
maazhibide vii it runs, operates poorly (as a machine)
maazhibizo vai s/he runs poorly, operates poorly (as a machine)
maazhibii'an vti write it badly
maazhide'e vai s/he has heartburn
maazhigaabawi vai s/he stands in a bad position; s/he is not in good standing
maazhigiizhwe vai s/he has difficulty speaking; s/he has abnormal speech
maazhigondaagan vai [ML] s/he has a poor voice
maazhigwaadan vti sew it poorly
maazhigwaade vii it is poorly sewn
maazhigwaaso vai s/he sews poorly
maazhigwaazh vta sew h/ poorly
maazhigwaazo vai it (animate) is poorly sewn
maazhi' vta overpower h/
maazhijiwan vii it flows poorly
maazhimaagozi vai s/he smells bad
maazhimaagwad vii it smells bad
maazhimaam vta find the smell of h/ bad
maazhimaandan vti find it smells bad
maazhimaas vta spread a stink by cooking or burning h/
maazhimaasan vti spread a stink by cooking or burning it
maazhimaaso vai s/he has a bad aroma, smells bad burning or cooking
maazhimaate vii it has a bad aroma, smells bad burning or cooking
maazhingwaam vai s/he sleeps uncomfortably
maazhinikaade vii it has an ugly name
maazhinikaazo vai s/he has an ugly name
maazhip vta find h/ tastes bad, dislike the taste of h/
maazhipidan vti find it tastes bad, dislike the taste of it
maazhipogozi vai s/he tastes bad
maazhipogwad vii it tastes bad
maazhise vai s/he has things go wrong, has bad luck
maazhisin vii it gets spoiled, turns bad
maazhishin vai s/he lies uncomfortably
maazhizide vai s/he has a deformed foot or deformed feet