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/-m/ final

speak to h/; act on h/ by speech
amajim vta rouse, wake h/ (by vocal noise)
anaamim vta blame h/ (in speech), accuse h/
andom vta ask for, call, summon h/
andwewem vta go and ask for h/
ayaangwaamim vta warn, caution h/
aanimim vta reprimand h/
aazhidem vta talk back to h/; answer h/ back
biibaagim vta call out to h/; shout at h/
boonim vta stop talking to h/; avoid talking to h/
bwaam vta be refused by h/ when asking h/ to do something, fail to persuade h/ to do something
dazhim vta talk, gossip about h/
gagwejim vta ask, question h/
gichiwim vta talk h/ out of going
giiwanim vta lie to, deceive h/
goshkom vta startle, surprise h/ (verbally)
gwiishkoshim vta whistle to h/
jiikim vta make h/ excited or happy (by voice), tell h/ exciting or happy news
mawim vta cry for h/
mikom vta mention h/; come to h/ mind
mikwewem vta call or ask for and find h/
nanaandom vta keep calling for h/; beg h/
nandom vta [ML] ask for, call, summon h/
naniinawim vta say something to h/ that makes h/ deeply sad
naadwewem vta call with voice for h/ to come
nishkim vta anger h/ by speech, speak and make h/ mad
noojiwigiizhwaam vta talk flirtatiously to h/
ojaanimim vta give h/ a hard time, get after h/ (by speech); hurry h/ (by speech)
ombim vta get h/ interested or excited by speech
ombwem vta stir h/ up, excite h/, overwhelm h/ by speech
ondamim vta keep h/ busy with speech
opaam vta keep h/ awake by talking
oshaam vta scare h/ away by talking or with vocal noise
wanim vta mislead, confuse h/ (by speech)
wanishkwem vta disturb, distract, interrupt h/ (by speech)
wayezhim vta deceive, trick, cheat h/ (by speech)
wewiibim vta tell h/ to hurry
wiikom vta invite h/ to a feast (especially as part of a religious ceremony)
zagakim vta tell h/ to settle down
zegim vta scare, frighten, intimidate, alarm h/ (verbally)