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/-izw/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) by heat
abaabikizwi vta warm it (animate; mineral), heat it (animate; mineral) up
abiz vta warm h/ at the fire
abizidezwi vta warm h/ foot or feet
abiigizwi vta [NI] warm h/ at fire (as something sheet-like)
agwaabikiz vta burn h/ to the pan
angwaakiz vta burn h/ completely (so nothing is left)
babiizigaakiz vta curl h/ hair (by heat)
bagwaakiz vta burn a hole in h/
baasaabikiz vta crack it (animate; mineral) with fire or blasting
baasiz vta crack, shatter h/ (by heat)
baashkiz vta shoot h/ (with a gun)
baashkizwi vta [NI] shoot h/ (with a gun)
bengoz vta dry h/ with heat
bengwaabikiz vta boil h/ dry
bigishkiz vta cook h/ to pieces
biinaakiz vta clean h/ by burning
bwaawaakiz vta be unable to burn, unable to light h/
dagoz vta cook h/ with something else
daniz vta cook it (animate) in a certain place
dawaakizwi vta [NI] burn a passage through it (animate)
daashkaakiz vta split h/ in fire
giboz vta cook it (animate) in the oven, bake it (animate)
gizhaabikiz vta heat h/ (as something mineral)
gizhiz vta heat h/, heat h/ up
giiziz vta cook it (animate); finish cooking it (animate)
giizhizwi vta [NI] cook it (animate); finish cooking it (animate)
inaakiz vta burn h/ a certain way
iniz vta cook h/ a certain way; heat h/ a certain way
jaagaakiz vta burn h/
jaagiz vta burn h/
mazinaakiz vta take a picture of, photograph h/
maanaakiz vta take a poor picture of h/
miskwaabikiz vta heat h/ red hot (as something mineral)
ningaabikiz vta melt h/ (mineral)
ningiz vta melt, thaw it (animate)
ningizwi vta [NI] melt, thaw it (animate)
nookaabikiz vta soften h/ (mineral) with heat
nookaakiz vta soften h/ by heat or flame
nookiz vta cook h/ tender
odaapiz vta shrink h/ (by heat)
onzaamaakiz vta burn h/ to a crisp; burn too much of h/
onzaamiz vta overheat, overcook h/
ozaawaakiz vta toast h/, brown h/ (by fire)
ozaawegiz vta brown h/ by smoking (sheet-like)
zakiz vta light, ignite h/, set h/ on fire
zhaabwaakiz vta
  1. cut through h/ (by burning)
  2. x-ray h/
zhishigoz vta cook h/ mushy