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/ginw-/ initial

gino , ginoo
ginokoozhe vai s/he has a long bill
ginoodaawangaa vii it is a long stretch of sand beach
ginoogamaa vii it is a long lake
ginoo' vta make h/ long
ginookamigaa vii it is a long stretch of ground
ginoonagad vii it (a boat) is long
ginoonagizi vai it (animate; vehicle) is long
ginoosagad vii it (finished wood) is long
ginoosagaa vii it has a long floor area, is a long room
ginootigweyaa vii it is a long river
ginoozi vai s/he is tall, is long
ginwanashkidii vai s/he (a bird) has a long tail
ginwashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a long stalk, is long, is tall
ginwashkiigaa vii it is a long stretch of muskeg
ginwaa vii it is long, is tall
ginwaabikad vii it is long (as something mineral)
ginwaabikizi vai s/he is long (as something mineral)
ginwaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is long
ginwaabiigaanowe vai h/ (an animal) has a long stringy tail
ginwaabiigigwe vai s/he has a long thin neck
ginwaabiigizh vta cut h/ long (as something string-like)
ginwaabiigizhan vti cut it long (as something string-like)
ginwaabiigizi vai it (animate; something string-like) is long
ginwaako- pv lex long and stick-like
ginwaakodaamikane vai s/he has a long protruding chin
ginwaakoga' vta chop h/ (something stick-like) so it is long
ginwaakoga'an vti chop it (something stick-like) with an ax so it is long
ginwaakogaade vai s/he has a long leg or long legs
ginwaakojaane vai s/he has long nose
ginwaakominagad vii it is long-grained
ginwaakonike vai s/he has long arms
ginwaakoningwii vai s/he has long wings
ginwaakoninjii vai s/he has a long hand or finger, has long hands or fingers
ginwaakozi vai
  1. s/he is long (as something wood or stick-like)
  2. s/he is tall (of a person)
ginwaakozide vai s/he has long feet
ginwaakoonagad vii it (a boat) is long
ginwaakwaboye vai s/he has a long paddle
ginwaakwad vii it is long, is tall (as something stick- or wood-like)
ginwaakwaandagizi vai s/he (tree) has long needles
ginwaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a long tail
ginwegad vii it is long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegambizo vai she wears a long skirt
ginwegi' vta make h/ long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegitoon vti2 make it long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) long
ginwegizhan vti cut it (something sheet-like) long
ginwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is long
ginwiindimaa vii it (body of water) has a deep bottom