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/gagwed-/ initial

gagwej , gagwez
gagwedaganaam vta box h/
gagwedaagibizh vta test the tension of it (animate) by bending
gagwedin vta test h/ by touch
gagwedinan vti test it by touch
gagwedoomigo vai s/he practices riding on horseback
gagwedwe vai s/he asks, asks a question, inquires
gagwejibidoon vti2 test it with the hands, test it by pulling on it
gagwejibizo vai s/he practices driving, takes a driving test, takes a test drive
gagwejidaabii'iwe vai s/he practices driving
gagweji' vta try getting h/ to...
gagwejim vta ask, question h/
gagwejimaam vta keep sniffing h/
gagwejimaandan vti sniff around for it
gagwejitoon vti2 try, test it
gagwejii vai s/he tests h/ strength, exercises, works out, practices
gagwejiigin vta test h/ (something sheet-like) by touch
gagwejiiginan vti test it (something sheet-like) by touch
gagwezikan vti
  1. test it (with foot or body)
  2. try it on
gagwezikaw vta
  1. test h/ (with foot or body)
  2. try h/ on