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/dib-/ initial

even, judge, measure
diba' vta pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out
diba'an vti pay it, pay for it
diba'oozh vta parcel things out to h/; ration out to h/
diba'wi vta [NI] pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out
dibaabam vta inspect, check up on h/ or it (animate), look h/ or it (animate) over
dibaabandan vti inspect, check up on it, look it over
dibaabiigin vta measure h/ (as with something string-like)
dibaabiiginan vti measure it (as with something string-like)
dibaabiishkoodoon vti2 weigh it (on a scale)
dibaabiishkoozh vta weigh h/ (on a scale)
dibaadodan vti tell of it
dibaadode vii it is told around; word of it is going around
dibaajim vta tell of h/
dibaajimo vai s/he tells, tells a story
dibaakon vta judge h/
dibaakonan vti judge it
dibaakwa'an vti measure it (with a stick)
dibendan vti control, own it
dibenim vta control, own, rule h/
dibi' vta keep up even with h/
dibishkaa vai [S] s/he has a birthday