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/babaam-/ initial

around, about
babaamadaawangose vai s/he walks about on sand
babaamadaawe vai s/he goes about trading
babaamademo vai s/he goes about crying
babaamadewe vai s/he goes, walks about on the snow crust
babaama'adoo vai s/he walks about on a road or trail
babaama'amaazo vai s/he goes about singing
babaama'azh vta track h/ about
babaama'oozh vta transport h/ around (especially by boat)
babaamakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a canoe around
babaamakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles around in a circle; it (animate) swims about (as a fish)
babaamanaandam vai2 s/he goes about hungry
babaamanokii vai s/he works around
babaamanookii vai s/he goes around hiring people
babaamanoozo vai s/he goes about smoking tobacco
babaamaabate vii it (smoke) goes about
babaamaabiigin vta lead h/ around on a leash or line
babaamaaboode vii it drifts about on the current
babaamaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about on the current
babaamaadaga'oodoon vti pull, tow it about through the water
babaamaadagaa vai s/he swims about
babaamaadagaako vai s/he goes about on the ice
babaamaadagaazii vai s/he wades about
babaamaadage vai [BL] s/he swims about
babaamaada'e vai s/he skates about
babaamaada'ookii vai s/he distributes things around, passes things around
babaamaadizi vai s/he lives about; s/he travels about
babaamaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes about
babaamaagimose vai [BL] s/he snowshoes about
babaamaagonagii vai s/he goes about in the snow
babaamaagone vai s/he goes around through the snow
babaamaa'ago vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about or around on the waves
babaamaa'an vii it drifts about or around on the waves
babaamaa'ogo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about or around on the waves
babaamaajimo vai s/he spreads the news about
babaamaakwii vai s/he goes about in the woods
babaamaanakwad vii clouds go about
babaamaandawe vai s/he climbs about
babaamaanimizi vai s/he goes about in fear
babaamaapi vai s/he goes around laughing
babaamaasin vii it is blown about (by the wind); it sails, soars about
babaamaashi vai s/he is blown about (by the wind); sails, soars about
babaamaawadoon vti2 haul it about
babaamaawazh vta haul h/ around; guide h/ around
babaamaazhagaame vai s/he goes around on the shore
babaamaazakonenjige vai s/he goes about with a light
babaamendam vai2 s/he pays attention, worries
babaamendan vti pay attention to, be preoccupied with, worry about, bother it
babaamenim vta pay attention to, worry about, be preoccupied with, bother h/
babaamiba'idiwag vai they run about together, run around together
babaamiba'igo vai s/he rides about, drives about (drawn by horse or dog)
babaamibatoo vai s/he runs about, runs around
babaamibide vii it speeds about, drives about, flies about
babaamibizo vai s/he speeds about, drives about, flies about
babaamibizotoon vti2 [BL] drive it about
babaamibiisaa vii rain goes about
babaamidaabaadan vti drag, pull it about
babaamidaabaade vii it is pulled, pushed, or dragged about (on something)
babaamidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ about
babaamidaabaazo vai s/he is pulled, pushed, or dragged about (on something)
babaamidaabii vai s/he drags, pulls a load about
babaamidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives about
babaamigidaazo vai s/he goes about angry, goes about mad
babaamigozi vai s/he moves h/ residence about
babaamikawe vai s/he leaves tracks going about
babaaminige vai s/he carries about on the shoulder
babaaminizha' vta chase h/ about
babaaminizha'an vti chase it about
babaaminizhikaw vta chase h/ about
babaaminizhimo vai s/he goes around in flight, runs around in fear
babaamipon vii snow goes about
babaamise vai s/he flies about
babaamise vii it flies about
babaamishimo vai s/he dances about
babaamishkaa vai s/he paddles about, goes about in a boat
babaamiwane vai s/he carries a pack about
babaamiweba'an vti shove, knock it around (using something)
babaamiwebishkan vti kick it about, shoves it about
babaamiwidoon vti2 take, carry it about
babaamiwizh vta take, carry, guide h/ about
babaamizi vai s/he does business, goes about on his business
babaamose vai s/he walks about, takes a stroll
babaamoode vai s/he crawls about, crawls around
babaamoom vta carry h/ about on h/ back
babaamoomigo vai s/he rides about on horseback
babaamoondan vti carry it about on h/ back
babaamweweba'idiwag vai they are heard running about together
babaamwewebatoo vai s/he is heard running about, heard running around
babaamwewebizo vai s/he is heard speeding, driving, flying about
babaamwewesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running around on the floor
babaamwewesagidaabii vai s/he, it (animate) is heard dragging something around on the floor
babaamweweyaadagaako vai s/he is heard going about on the ice
babaamweweyaadagaazii vai s/he is heard wading around
babaamweweyaadage vai [BL] s/he is heard swimming about
babaamweweyaashi vai s/he is heard flying, soaring, sailing about
bimigidaazo vai s/he goes along angry, goes along mad