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/baas-/ initial

cracked, shattered
something dense and brittle is broken, e.g. bone, shell, glass, china
baasada' vta crack or shatter h/ (hitting with a stick or tool)
baasada'an vti crack or shatter it (hitting with a stick or tool)
baasadin vii it cracks from freezing
baasaganaam vta crack, shatter h/, it (animate) (by hitting)
baasaganaandan vti shatter, crack it (by hitting)
baasa' vta crack, shatter h/ (using something)
baasa'an vti crack, shatter it (using something)
baasaji vai it (animate) cracks from freezing
baasam vta crack h/ with the mouth (using teeth or a beak)
baasandan vti crack it with mouth (using teeth or a beak)
baasaabideshin vai s/he cracks a tooth against something
baasaabikide vii it (mineral) cracks or is cracked from fire or blasting
baasaabikiz vta crack it (animate; mineral) with fire or blasting
baasaabikizan vti crack it (mineral) with fire or blasting
baasaabikizo vai it (animate; mineral) cracks or is cracked (from fire or blasting)
baasaakadode vii it dries up and cracks or splits
baasaakadozo vai it (animate) dries up and cracks or splits
baasaakwadin vii it (something stick-like or solid) cracks from freezing
baasaakwaji vai it (animate; something stick-like or solid) cracks from freezing
baasibidoon vti2 crack or shatter it (with hands)
baasibizh vta crack or shatter h/ (with hands)
baaside vii it cracks, shatters (from heat)
baasiga' vta chop h/ into small pieces (as something of wood)
baasiga'an vti chop it into small pieces (as something of wood)
baasikan vti crack, shatter it (with foot or body)
baasikaw vta crack, shatter h/ (with foot or body)
baasikaa vii it cracks, shatters (e.g., glass or china)
baasikoode vii it shatters, cracks (from weight)
baasikoodoon vti2 shatter it (with weight)
baasikoozh vta shatter h/ (with weight)
baasikoozo vai it (animate) shatters, cracks (from weight)
baasindibeganaam vta crack h/ head (by hitting)
baasindibenaw vta bust h/ skull or head by shooting
baasindibeshin vai s/he falls and cracks h/ head; s/he fractures h/ skull
baasindibeshkoozo vta h/ head is cracked (by weight, pressure, or shooting)
baasise vii it shatters, cracks
baasise vai it (animate) shatters, cracks
baasisidoon vti2 crack, shatter it (by dropping or hitting against)
baasisin vii it cracks, shatters on impact
baasishim vta crack, shatter h/ (by dropping or hitting against)
baasishin vai s/he cracks, shatters on impact
baasiz vta crack, shatter h/ (by heat)
baasizan vti crack, shatter it (by heat)
baasizigoshkaa vii the ice cracks
baasizo vai s/he cracks, shatters (from heat)